The Heart of Every Slot Is a Random Number Generator


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Many people play online slots, but not many understand how they work. This is understandable because this information does not affect the gambling experience. Still, it may be useful to those who sometimes doubt the results of their spins or still think of the casino stereotypically. So, let us talk about the principle of online casino slots and the main element that is responsible for everything — the random number generator (RNG).

What is a random number generator?

So what is this mysterious machine? A random number generator, or RNG, in short, is a computer program. It performs only one task – it gives out a random number. And this number is responsible for the result a person sees when the spinning of the reels is stopped. This technology is used not only in a casino with slots online but also in various computer games and programs. It is also very useful for encryption. Ciphers and passwords created by generators are impossible to crack, as they defy any logic.

What is RNG used for in online slots?

It is used to ensure that players get a random result. What many people perceive as randomness or fate is the work of a computer program. This technology is by far the simplest thing that can be used to provide randomness in slot machines. It is used in real money online slots, video poker, roulette, etc.

How does an RNG work?

Imagine you have dice in your hands. When you shuffle them in your hands, it is analogous to the way the software generates a number. Then when you roll the dice, you get the result. The generator works in the same way. Only in a dice game, do you have a very limited number of possible results. In a generator, there can be an infinite number of them. The generator has numbers written in it, each of which is responsible for a particular result. The number of these numbers is limited by the capacity of the slot.

For example, if in the slot there are 1000 possible variants of rotation, in the generator there will be programmed 1000 numbers, and each of them will give a certain result on the screen. All the best online slots work on this principle, which allows you to get different outcomes in a short time. As people play slots online for real money, they need the results to be honest and not subject to change by other people. The randomizer does just that.

The benefits of having slot machines run on RNG

Randomizer is used by game makers when developing games. These people make their money by selling their games to various online casinos. They deliver their product ready-made, and casinos can’t influence how the generator works. Because of this, everyone online slots for real money who works on the randomizer gets the following benefits.

Absolute honesty

This makes sense because no one can change or take advantage of the generator’s result. It is based on chance, so players can be sure they are not being cheated. Manufacturers of the best online slots in Canada usually spend a lot of time developing new games. It can take months from the announcement date to the release date, just because you need to check that the randomizer is working properly, as well as protect it properly. As the slots are a good target for cheaters. The manufacturer has to check everything before releasing a slot on the market. Therefore, if you play licensed slots, you can be sure of their honesty.

Unpredictability of outcome

Another characteristic of slots, which stems from the nature of the randomizer, is that the outcome cannot be predicted. Rules such as: if there are no winning spins for a long time, the jackpot is coming, do not work. Nobody knows what the next result will be. Not even the generator itself. Its features:

  • It doesn’t remember previous results in online slots.
  • It can give out the same result several times in a row.
  • It doesn’t process information about the stakes or the gambler’s style of play.

A gambler can’t influence in any way what the result will be. So, he cannot predict the outcome. You can use online slots to win real money, but can not apply different styles of play or strategy. And that’s what makes the game gambling.

Unexpected twists and turns

Based on the previous fact, it’s easy to guess that slots that run on randomizers have some of the most unexpected twists and turns. For instance, the person who won the biggest amount in the slot (almost 18 million Euros) did it in just 7 minutes of play. Could he have anticipated that this would happen? Of course not. He was just lucky that the generator gave him the number that the jackpot was encoded under.

That’s what makes Canadian slots online so interesting. People try to control them, use strategies, and even believe that different game modes can influence the outcome, but this is not the case. The outcome can be completely unexpected. And this is a big plus, as the expected winnings would no longer bring such excitement. In gambling, the element of surprise is very important.

An online casino with fair slots

You can be sure that your winnings are fair if you play at a reliable casino that uses licensed software. Companies like Pragmatic Play, Spinomenal, and other market giants guarantee that their slots run on randomizers, which are protected from interference from third parties, including casinos. But licensed online slots in Canada can only be found on trustworthy sites like King Billy.

This casino has received a lot of positive feedback from leading review sites, and it is also regularly inspected and awarded for the best service and honesty of its services. If you are looking for online slots in Canada for real money, then you should try this resource here:

  • convenient ways to manage your funds in your account;
  • a wide bonus program with nice offers;
  • VIP program for those who are active on the site;
  • a large selection of games and all the slots work on randomizers.

Modern random number generators have thus made the casino game fairer for the gambler. On good sites, one can play for money without fear and be assured that the process is not influenced by anyone.

YouTube: Random Numbers with LFSR (Linear Feedback Shift Register) – Computerphile

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