The Technology behind the Roulette Wheel


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If you are looking for a casino game to play, you should go with roulette. In fact, it is a game highly recommended for beginners because of its simple game mechanics. You no longer need to learn card skills to play. All you need to do is to bet on a number, set of numbers, or color and wait for the ball to land in a black, red, or green pocket.

Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, and physicist did not intend to create a roulette wheel. He aimed to develop a perpetual motion machine that can operate without an external source of energy. Because of its simple game mechanics, roulette immediately became popular around the world and eventually became among the highly recommended casino games.

With the advancement of technology, you can now play roulette games online. You can even place your bets on Evolution games at Bitcasino anytime and anywhere you are. Just ensure a stable internet connection to avoid lags that might affect your chances of winning the grand jackpot prize.

Several variants are also introduced in the market. Some of these are:

  • French roulette – it is known as the ‘queen of casino’ play because of its unique table layout with number grids horizontally arranged across the table.
  • American roulette -it has 38 pockets with numbers 1 to 36, 00, and 0 with its number grid positioned vertically.
  • European roulette – there are 37 pockets with numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero.
  • Multi-wheel roulette – there are 6 or 8 spinning wheels, but all follow European roulette’s standard format and rules.
  • Double ball roulette – it is the most innovative type of roulette because two balls roll in the roulette wheel.
Cutting-edge technology behind the wheels
Image: Calanja Mclester / Scopio

Aside from the most common variants mentioned above, casino gaming companies such as Evolution Gaming have their very own roulette games. One of them is Japanese roulette. It is a live game happening in an exclusive location within Evolution Gaming studio that is designed with oriental decor.

Cutting-edge technology behind the roulette wheels

Have you ever wondered how online casino games operate? This is because of several technological advancements used. Some of them are:

Optical character recognition software (OCR)

The OCR is described as the heart of online casino games because it is a program that decodes every action done by the dealer and is processed into characters. It also uses several cameras to follow the actions on the roulette table while cross-referencing them with the table that is visible on your screen.

Random number generator (RNG)

The winning numbers or pocket color in an online roulette wheel is determined by the RNG. It is a system responsible for continuously creating winning combinations and making sure that the game is not rigged. Aside from roulette, the majority of online casino games use RNG.

Live chat

Even if you are playing live roulette at home, you can still interact with the dealers and other players through the in-game live chat feature. With this, avoid using foul language and be polite at all times. After all, you are playing with real people and not bots. If you are not fine with the game’s flow, it is best to address your concerns politely or simply leave the table.

Game control unit (GCU)

GCU is often referred to as the brain of roulette and other live dealer games. It is a boxed device that encodes the video broadcast to your mobile or desktop screen. GCU also makes it possible to stream the game in real-time.

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Even though you don’t need card skills to win, you need to be aware of your betting options. These are the outside and inside bets. With outside bets, you need to wager on the number or colors (black, green, or red). On the other hand, inside bets refer to wagers placed within the inner section of the table. Knowing your betting options will help you determine the amount to bet.

No matter how fun playing roulette and Evolution games at Bitcasino is, responsible gambling should still be observed at all times. Remember to set a betting limit to avoid overspending and losing a considerable amount of money in the long run.

YouTube: Understanding Casino Games

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Adi Coco. The photo in the body of the article was shot by Calanja Mclester.

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