Elevate Your Marketing Visuals with HYPERVSN's Holo Tech - Audi Spain

Elevate Your Marketing Visuals with HYPERVSN’s Holo Tech

For decades, we've been used to seeing posters, flyers, and billboards as a form of advertising. But as the business world evolves, so do marketing strategies. To stand out, you must...

AR Solution Helps Soldiers See Better at Night [Video]

Today we got a short but interesting clip for you from the FUNKER530 channel on YouTube. In the video description, they report that this footage was now released by the US...
Use the Keevi Content Repurposing Tool to Make More of Your Works

Keevi: The Online Tool for Repurposing Content and More

Nowadays, content creators spend hours creating the perfect blog article, video, ebook, and more. They spend time researching, editing, and promoting. There are plenty of different platforms and tools that help...


Outriders Is a Looter-Shooter with Potential to Stay Review

Outriders Is a Looter-Shooter with Potential to Stay [Review]

Outriders has been released on April 1st for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia. The title was developed by People Can Fly (Painkiller, Bulletstorm, Gears of War: Judgment) using Unreal Engine 4 and...
Razer Anzu Smart Glasses Not Only For Gaming

Razer Anzu: Smart Glasses for Today’s World

With so many intelligent devices out there like smart hubs, smartphones, smart TVs, and even smart homes, there haven't been many terribly successful endeavors into smart glasses. Razer is here to...

Play Board Games Virtually with GameApart

Ironic as this may seem, but this pandemic has brought some good out of people. Left and right, we see people coming up with new creations and people innovating to transform...



Airboxr: Analyzing Multiple Data Sources in One Place

One of the main problems that many people are dealing with nowadays is that it can be hard to analyze different spreadsheets and appropriately study them. That's why Airboxr was created...
The Time of Crisis is the Time of Opportunity With Sergey Tsymbal From LITSLINK

The Time of Crisis is the Time of Opportunity

At first glance, no one would confidently claim that the middle of a pandemic could ever be labeled as the best time to start a startup. After all, the economy's certainly...
Shopify Email Marketing SMB Tool Woman Working Tech User Explaining

About Shopify’s Email Marketing Tool for SMBs

Shopify, one of the most prominent ecommerce shop creators, announced that it is now making its innovative and comprehensive email marketing feature available to merchants worldwide. This release was provided as...


COSI A Fresh Take on Short-Term Apartment Rentals

COSI: A Fresh Take on Short-Term Apartment Rentals

One of our main concerns whenever we travel is the place where we're going to stay at. We all want that luxe experience of a hotel with the comfort a home...
Whats the Origin of the Star Wars Day Video May The Fourth Be With You

What’s the Origin of the Star Wars Day? [Video]

Today is Star Wars Day. On social media, you can find plenty of memes and fandom posts under hashtags such as #MayThe4thBeWithYou or the short version #MayThe4th. This is due to a...
Startup RECUP Seeks to Replace Disposable Coffee Cups

Startup RECUP Seeks to Replace Disposable Coffee Cups

The "to-go lifestyle" has taken over the lives of many people all over the world. In some places, more than in others, and with a bit of a dip due to...

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