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Visiting NYC on a budget? Try the Taxi Hotel!

Jonathan-Powley-Taxi-Hotel-Interior-Room-Bed-Sleeping-225x300.jpg?resize=150%2C200We all love to visit new cities and explore them in all their splendour however the further you go from the homeland the harder it will be to find decent accommodation prices, not to mention that the overall costs will rise significantly. This is where the need for saving money comes into play, and it seems that this need has generated quite an interesting result!

Taxi Hotel is one of the most exciting, one of a kind services that you can use in order to lower the costs of your trip, and the service actually works in quite an interesting manner.

A man named Jonathan Powley saw the need for such services and because of that he immediately wanted to take full advantage of it in a simple manner. This is why he gathered a fleet of vans and placed them in the Queens area of New York. You are very close to most of the major locations in the big apple, so obviously it’s a great investment, since you pay only $20-$70 per night depending on the van you choose to get.

There is a catch here though, and that comes from the fact that all of these vehicles do not have a bathroom, which obviously means that you have to find that on your own, which might be a small downside. Considering the price though, this is completely justified and the entire idea is that you can obtain some amazing results at all times.


You will get to see that the Taxi Hotel is offering just about anything that you want from a hotel, although yes, space can be an issue for some persons.

Yet let’s be honest for a second here, at the end of the day the price you pay is way less than a hotel, and you are right in the middle of NY, where usually hotel prices can skyrocket very fast. Sure, it might not be that great in the first place if you want comfort, but it’s definitely a great business idea because lots of persons are looking for a way to NYC in a simple manner without having to deal with any hassle, so this will definitely provide you with one of a kind results as long as you want a budget solution.

As far as I was able to see, Taxi Hotel is indeed a great choice if you want to spend less on accommodation but still obtain a great experience in doing so. It’s a refined way to save money while in New York, and it’s quite easy to understand why this is a success. For me, this shows once again how inventive can people be and how a simple business idea can bring a nice revenue margin!

YouTube: ‘Taxi Hotel’ A Hit In New York

Photo credit: Nau Nau / Jonathan Powley

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