TA10: Ten Startups to Watch in 2016


Every now and then we introduce you to new startups, their ideas, designs and innovative products. Being immersed deeply in the startup scene constantly in the last years, we have developed many great relationships and we have witnessed touching stories from the founders and from the teams.

We received great feedback from all parties on these features and news articles. The people from the companies deeply appreciated the effort, their investors cared a lot for objective feedback, and you, the reader, also supported us greatly on social networks.

Nowadays we get a lot of questions like, “which startup is going to be the next unicorn? Of course we can’t see the future and we will also not be acting as an investment consultant for anyone. However we got the idea that we could outline ten startups every year which caught our attention in a certain aspect. We call them the TechAcute Ten, or TA10 in short. These are the companies which you want to keep an eye on.

Without further ado, I would now like to introduce you to the TA10 of 2016, sorted in alphabetical order.

DOJO Madness Purple LogoDOJO Madness, Germany

Founded: 2014
Leadership: Jens Hilgers, Mathias Kutzner, Christian Gruber, Markus Fuhrmann
Team size: 18+
Flagship products: Gaming companion LOLSUMO, BRUCE.GG

The DOJO Madness team has its roots in eSports and competitive gaming. Their products help gamers analyze and improve their gameplay. With advanced focus on machine learning technology, they use the player’s data to identify trends and calculate best practices for their artificial gaming coach. Read our full feature of DOJO Madness here.

HomeTouch Logo UK StartupHomeTouch, UK

Founded: 2015
Leadership: Jamie Wilson, Nils Millahn
Team size: 5+
Flagship product: Healthcare SaaS HomeTouch

The HomeTouch platform connects carers with families who are looking for help in caring for elders and other people in need of care. HomeTouch offers a toolset and productivity suite for all partners to better work together and communicate. We are currently preparing a full feature of the HomeTouch solution. Make sure to check out our feature article as well.

Lumyer LogoLumyer, US

Founded: 2015
Leadership: Diego Mortillaro, Simone Offredo, Francesco Scrufari
Team size: 6+
Flagship product: Contextual photo animation app Lumyer

The Lumyer app allows their users to easily turn a photo into an animation. The app comprehends context and establishes an animation on its own. For instance a photo including a camping fire will become a lot more lively with the flames actually moving.

Navdy LogoNavdy, US

Founded: 2013
Leadership: Doug Simpson
Team size: 29+
Flagship product: Smart device for in-car use

Navdy is working on some great products in the space between consumer electronics and the automotive industry. They have developed a heads-up display device, which projects information onto a car’s front window. There’s a great potential in that and should help make the roads a lot safer. Check out the full feature on Navdy here.

OneMoreCloset LogoOneMoreCloset, China

Founded: 2015
Leadership: Crystal Yu, Aaron Zheng, Jovita lo Nascimento, Jasmine Jin, Annie Xue
Team size: 7+
Flagship product: Fashion sharing platform

The OneMoreCloset solution is considered to be the fashion element of the sharing economy landscape. Via website and app it will be possible to offer designer clothing for users to rent them. The product scope will include dresses, jewellery, shoes, and other accessories. Users will no longer need to buy an expensive outfit just for a single occasion but leverage this handy service instead.

PredPol LogoPredPol, US

Founded: 2012
Leadership: Jeff Brantingham, Brian MacDonald, Christy Brandt, Chris Kelly, George Mohler, Donnie Fowler
Team size: 11-50
Flagship product: Crime prediction SaaS

PredPol leverages data science and machine learning technologies to offer a crime prediction SaaS. The PredPol solution does not try to replace good police work, but allows the available resources to be present in the areas that are most likely to witness a crime at the right time, rather than having them patrolling around without any data to guide them.

Sixa LogoSixa, US

Founded: 2015
Leadership: Mykola Minchenko, Ievgen Nechaiev, Kateryna Kondrunina
Team size: 11-50
Flagship product: High performance DoD PCs for rent

With the Sixa on-demand PCs you can get all the computing power you need and pay hourly or monthly. Stay flexible and scale as much as you’d like without increasing the administrative and maintenance overhead. The product tiers are currently for developers, designers and gamers.

Team Spirit LogoTeam Spirit, Japan

Founded: 1996
Leadership: Koji Ogishima
Team size: 11-50
Flagship product: Time management SaaS

The solution of Team Spirit focuses on improving and automating most of the time management and cost tracking of your staff. Data visualization further helps to spot trends and opportunities to improve. Wasteful activities are removed and there is more time for innovative work that actually adds value to the employer and the employee.

unikrn logoUnikrn, US

Founded: 2014
Leadership: Rahul Sood, Karl Flores, Daniel Rudolph, Kunal Chopra
Team size: 25+
Flagship product: Platform for betting on eSports

The platform that Unikrn established is one of the leading places for people interested in eSports to spend time on. Next to the community feeling and getting the latest eSports updates, Unikrn also allows for legal betting on eSport matches. You can check them out in detail in our feature article here.

Wondertech LogoWondertech, Singapore

Founded: 2015
Leadership: Kuriakin Zeng, Keith Tan, Ivan Chang
Team size: 9+
Flagship product: Hyperlinked.io turns content into wikis

Leveraging technology sets in natural language processing (NLP) and contextual data sciences Wondertech is working hard to build out their solution “Hyperlinked.io”, which is still in test phase. Their vision is a product that autonomously mines data and prepares it in a meaningful and useful structure for a most optimal knowledge management.

We wish these companies all the best and will support them to get the word out. Innovation needs to make waves and disrupt and not stay hidden and locked away. Too much potential is lost with ideas stuck in the drawer. So if you want to keep in touch or share news, make sure to check out @TA10Startups on Twitter and use the hashtag #TA10 for posts.


Thanks to all who worked with us on the evaluation and of course thanks to the TA10 of 2016 for their support and featuring their latest “award”.

Photo credit: hackNY.org / Logos and PR shots are owned by the respective companies and individuals
Source: CrunchBase / Company web sites

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