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Automattic WordPress

General help on using WordPress core functionalities can be found on their respective knowledge bases. This document will only explore aspects that are specific to TechAcute or require any special guidelines. If there are any individual issues with WordPress that affect only single users, we can contact the support here. More instructions on how to use WordPress will follow below.

Cisco Webex

The TechAcute team uses Cisco Webex for group and 1-on-1 chats. A client can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and you can run the tool in your browser, in case you’re on Chrome OS or a machine without user rights to install something.

Atlassian Trello

Trello is the tool we use to manage the process flow of articles. Everything that is being worked on has to be tracked on Trello. Every card serves as the base to discuss a respective story. Links, material, and comments can be tracked here. The lanes on our Trello board work in the following way, and cards move right as they process through their lifecycle. Any changes that happen in Trello are also reflected in the Webex channel “Auto Updates.” You can also use the mobile app for Trello on Android or iOS or desktop clients if you want to.


Editors place story ideas here from which the writers can pick a card that reflects their subject matter. If a writer decides to write about one of the ideas, they have to assign the card to themselves and move the card to the draft lane. The cards listed here are sorted for their urgency or importance, most interested ones to be placed on top.


If a writer works on their own story without leveraging the idea cards, they can manually create the card in the drafts lane and add all the required info on here. They can then start the work on the post and move the card to the review (mixed, for writers) lane in order to start the review and editing process and queue it up for an editor. The cards listed here are sorted for their due date, with overdue items and soon-due items on top.

Review (mixed, for writers)

The stories that are listed here will be checked by an editor and will be planned for edit and publishing. If there are open questions or if anything is missing, the editor may hand the card back to the draft lane and let the writer know about it.

Review (sorted by editors)

Before the article is published, a more thorough edit happens. The cards listed here are sorted for urgency and relevancy, meaning top items will be the next ones to get published.


As soon as an article is published by an editor, the card is moved to the rightmost list of the board. To make sure this list doesn’t overload, all cards are archived on Fridays. Archived cards can still be found when searching for them in Trello but won’t use up space in the list anymore.

Anatomy of a Trello card

Trello Guide

Adobe Photoshop Express

This guide addresses the Photoshop Express app as it runs for Windows. After installing, make sure you check your configurations and set the size setting to “original” and the quality to “maximum.” Compression will be done manually in Caesium. All feature images (the image on top of the article) will need to be tuned in appearance to build a consistent look across all articles, no matter where the images are from. To do this, there are recommendations to adjust the images in the app, but these may change depending on the source image. For instance, an image that is already well lit does not need to be lightened up as much as a rather dark image would need to be. Getting used to these will take a few attempts, but after that, you will be able to complete the whole image workflow in less than a minute.

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SaeraSoft Caesium

Caesium is the recommended software for image compression and resizing. It can be installed or run as a portable app. You can process single images or in bulk. Before uploading images to WordPress, please process compression and size first. The attributes are:

  • JPEG compression quality 95%
  • Resize to a width of 1000 pixel while keeping the ratio
  • Aim for a file size of around 200 kb per image

Caesium Guide

Drafting articles on WordPress


The headline (and slug)


Anatomy of an article




Justification of text


Italics and bold














Social media





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