Swich: Wireless Charger with Natural Style


We use our smartphones each and every day but unfortunately they have a limited battery life so they can basically shut down at any given time. Thankfully, a new Kickstarter project created recently strives to solve this problem by providing a wireless charger specifically built for smartphones and which can be thought of as a mobile accessory. Made out of sustainable materials, this impressive charger named Switch has a cutting edge design that not only looks good, but it also enables you to use the device while you are charging it.

Swich tries to remove all the hassle you encountered until now when it comes to charging your device. Up to this point, we had to use charging pads, stands and many other types of devices that were expensive, quite hard to use and which didn’t allow us to access the device while charging. With the help of Switch we can easily do that.

What’s really interesting about Swich is that both the base and the stand are made out of ceramic parts, with the piece connecting them being made out of American Walnut, a stylish wood that is also very durable and resistant. Of course, the stand also brings a micro-suction surface that keeps your phone from falling. Made out of acrylic foam sheet and with some micro suction cups, this portion of the stand will keep your phone in place without a problem.


The round arc of the device is very ergonomically designed and it helps keep the phone stable as well as ready to use. You can switch the position of the device as you see fit by taking advantage of the 180 degrees inclination feature. From our standpoint being able to use the phone while charging is great, because it can help us increase our productivity exponentially. The ability to respond to messages or talk to other people is definitely a plus so the stand definitely does its job well.

When it comes to its design, it’s safe to say that we haven’t seen anything quite as beautiful and stylish to sit on a desk. It’s a décor piece that’s also functional, so it can easily be incorporated in just about any type of office without problem. The extra care seems to be integrated not only in its design, but also in the way the device works. The smartphone loads quite fast and being able to charge it wirelessly is just amazing, as you can also leave it anywhere on your desk.

In our opinion Swich is a one of a kind tool that should be bought by anyone that wants to use the phone while charging. It looks great, functions really well and you definitely need to give it a try. You can fund the project right now on KickStarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/604134477/swich-wireless-charger-for-iphone-and-android. This is a great product and we can’t wait to be released on the market.

YouTube: Swich Wireless Charger For iPhone, Android and More

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