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StarChase Protects Lives and Property in High-Speed Chases

Modern technology has brought so many things we can’t imagine our lives without. Ten years ago, most of the things we have today were just a crazy dream. Back then, did you ever imagine yourself talking to a little device about the weather? Or have a robot park your car? It seems that we are living in a sci-fi future from an 80s movie.

Not only has the technology made our lives easier, but it has also made them safer. One of these is called StarChase and its goal is to empower our brave police officers all over the world.

StarChase device makes pursuits safer

More Than Hot Pursuits

StarChase’s primary mission is to reduce the cost of high-speed pursuits, and, more importantly, lessen the risk of injury or death to everyone involved. I’m talking about police officers, offenders, and innocent bystanders.

In 2002, the FBI estimated that pursuit-related crashes resulted in an average of over 55,000 injuries every year. The financial costs may not be obvious to someone who isn’t closely working with law enforcement, but these can be quite high. They include not only hospital bills, but also insurance and court settlements, lost productivity, property damage, traffic delays, and more.

How StarChase Works

The system includes a compressed-air GPS tag launcher on the grille of a police car. This launcher uses a laser to target a fleeing vehicle and deploy a GPS tag on it. It then tracks the vehicle real-time and shows its movements on a secure web-based mapping portal.

StarChase GPS Tag Launcher

StarChase’s AppTrac-365 mobile companion app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices. This creates a safer way to pursue suspects using technology without unnecessary high-speed pursuit.

Don’t believe this can be effective? Watch the video below as StarChase assists the Lucas County Sheriff Office in apprehending a criminal at Toledo, Ohio. Thanks to the StarChase system, the officers arrested the criminal identified as John Bartlett before he could hurt or kill anyone

YouTube: StarChase device makes pursuits safer

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Julius Jansson. All other images shown are owned by StarChase and were provided for press usage.

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