Springbig: Cultivating Success in the Cannabis Market with Tech-Powered Marketing


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Does a niche need its own marketing platform? Springbig, a cannabis tech startup, offers a robust marketing platform with a variety of services and features tailored to the needs of businesses in the cannabis industry. Some might wonder why companies could not just use generic marketing platforms with the same outcome but first let’s look at what Springbig is doing exactly.

So why not just put your D8 gummies and CBD oil on sale through regular tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Freshsales, or another tool like that? It could be that the success of Springbig lies exactly in its specialization and optimizing everything for a particular industry instead of offering general tools. It’s basically a big toolbox of useful things and you don’t need a dozen of separate tools this not only streamlines the process, but you also save the trouble for data streaming and automation projects between tools. In many cases, it can also help to reduce the clutter of bills and invoices from many to just one.

All of one and one for all?

Springbig, also stylized as “springbig”, a cannabis tech startup based in Boca Raton, Florida, has been making significant strides in the industry. The firm offers a marketing platform as a service to companies and entrepreneurs in the burgeoning cannabis sector. Springbig, one of South Florida’s fastest-growing tech startups, has recently announced its preliminary Q2 results and updated its business outlook. They have also introduced an Assistant Tool to enhance their service offering.

Select U.S. states with the highest projected cannabis market growth between 2021 and 2026
Select U.S. states with the highest projected cannabis market growth between 2021 and 2026 (Image: Statista)

The platform’s primary offerings include dispensary loyalty programs, text message marketing, a comprehensive cannabis customer relationship management (CRM) system, and a cannabis advertising network. These features are designed to help cannabis companies effectively engage their customers and promote their products.

Earlier this year in February, Springbig introduced two new features to its cannabis marketing platform. The company’s platform connects consumers with retailers and brands primarily through SMS marketing, but now also includes emails and a customer feedback system. Notably, Springbig’s CRM and loyalty programs stand out among competitors. Key features of this offering include referral programs, milestone rewards, birthday rewards, points per dollar spent, points giveaways, and branded coupons.

In alignment with traditional loyalty programs, Springbig offers a classic point-system loyalty program, further enhancing its suite of marketing tools. Overall, Springbig’s service offerings and features provide a comprehensive marketing solution for businesses in the cannabis industry, helping them to engage customers, drive sales, and grow their brands.

Ups and downs for Springbig

However, despite these advancements, the company has faced some challenges. In a bid to become profitable, Springbig had to make the tough decision to lay off nearly 25% of its workforce. In related news, the company previously announced plans to go public by merging with Tuatara Capital Acquisition Corporation. This move is part of a broader trend of cannabis startups attracting major funding rounds during the pandemic.

Springbig, led by CEO Jeffrey Harris, has been recognized as one of the top cannabis startups of recent years, paving the way for the new legal industry to thrive through technology and science. Overall, Springbig is playing a crucial role in the evolution of the cannabis industry, combining innovative technology with strategic business decisions to navigate a rapidly-changing market landscape.

YouTube: Jeffrey Harris, Co-Founder and CEO of Springbig

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