Security Camera or Pet Monitor? Vimtag Has a Hybrid Solution!


Having proper security within your home or business premise is indeed one of the most important things you have to focus on. But while most security cameras are over encumbered and just fail to deliver the best possible experience, trying out the Vimtag FI-361 HD can definitely change your perspective in this regard.

Beyond the security aspects, this camera can also greatly assist you, in case you have a pet but spend your day at the office. You could easily check into your home feed and make sure everything is okay, using the camera as pet surveillance. Or if your pet is sick and you have kids, who are already home from school, you can have a look and make sure they are not playing too rough with their furry friend. There are many such applications that can benefit you, because the system is very easy to use.


Right after purchasing the Vimtag FI-361 HD I immediately wanted to install it, and to be honest I was impressed with how fast the process really is. In fact, it’s a simple plug and play that manages to deliver immediate installation. In just a few minutes you can easily install and operate this security camera, which is a major plus.


What’s maybe the most interesting thing about the Vimtag FI-361 HD is surely the remote viewing support. You just have to install the camera in one of the nearby locations that you want to monitor, and once that is done you can access a remote feed via your phone. Since the device comes with iOS support and Android support as well, you won’t have a problem checking your security feed wherever you are.

The camera on its own has 1 Megapixel and it does offer HD quality at a resolution of 1280×720. Not complete, full HD but it does help you catch video feeds very fast and it does a great job when it comes to delivering a professional experience.

What I found quite impressive about the camera is that it offers a 2-way audio intercom. This is one of those features that you can rarely find in such a surveillance camera system, let alone when it comes to such a small camera like this one. In fact, I consider this particular feature to be one of the best as it does deliver a great experience all around.

Another great feature comes in the form of motion detection. While testing this feature I found it to work brilliantly, mainly because it can easily send motion detection alerts via mail. These alerts can be recorded and I actually found the recordings to be very precise.


Even though you need a large memory card if you plan to perform surveillance on a daily basis, the device offers great accuracy and a very good experience all around. Not only that, but since it integrates advanced tracking features you can check out a constant stream no matter where you are. Some of the other great stuff like the fact that it’s easy to mount and the built in microphone can come in handy if you want to capture feeds with audio. I found the night vision mode to work seamlessly with this product and even the voice transmission worked great, regardless of the time you used it.

Pet Watch

You don’t believe this camera will help you as a pet monitoring solution? You’d be surprised! Tiffany K. Hughes from tried it out thoroughly with her dogs. The results are great!

Final Thoughts

It’s amazing how much stuff you can do with this camera, so I would definitely recommend it for any person/company that wants professional security on a budget. Some similar products cost more than $1000, maybe even more, but the Vimtag FI-361 HD delivers a great set of features for less than 400. This is what impressed me about the product, and you should totally try it right now.

We give a solid 8/10 rating for this one with a neat price-performance ratio. What are your thoughts? Drop us your opinion below in the comments section and thanks for reading.

Photo credit: Vimtag / Tiffany K. Hughes / Stock Snap

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