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Rufus Cuff: Better than a Smartwatch?

Having a wrist device is something that you usually see in games, and more specifically in Fallout, but the reality is that until now being able to see such a device in real life was something unforeseen. At least until now, because the Rufus Cuff is designed in order to bring that Pip-Boy functionality in real life and I have to say that it does an amazing job at that for sure.

Basically, the Rufus Cuff is a wearable device that prolongs on the wrist and it basically offers tablet functionalities on your wrist whenever you need them. It’s a really interesting product that manages to bring in front immense functionality and capabilities, it all comes down to where you can use them as the outcome will be more than impressive.

The cool thing about this device at least for me is that it has a large, 3.2 inch widescreen that offers plenty of amazing value and at the same time you can easily customize it in order to really function as a Pip-Boy.


Aside from the killer look, you also get some interesting functions as well, such as the ability to do video calls and voice calls as well, which makes it a cool phone replacement. In addition to that though, Rufus Cuff is Android enabled, so you do get access to a ton of cool apps which are really useful and which offer a great variety as a whole. The touchscreen is very responsive, I didn’t have any problems with it to be honest, and I loved how good it really is.

With Rufus Cuff you can also listen to music, but you can also track the overall fitness results too. It’s designed as a versatile tool that’s very easy to use and as a whole it does bring in front plenty of unique functions, which on its own is a very interesting thing for sure.

But what impressed me the most is the ability to surf the web from your wrist, which is quite comfortable and truly helpful as you would expect. The overall Wi-Fi here is good too, and the product works seamlessly which is very good.


As a whole, I feel that Rufus Cuff does a great job in offering the Pip-Boy functionality we always wanted. It seems that the future is closer than you might think and this product is well worth the investment, that’s for sure. It’s not that expensive, and getting one can come in handy as long as you’re not driving.

If you always wanted a real life Pip-Boy, then why get the collector item from Fallout 4, get a real life device that offers even more functionalities. I loved this product and any true RPG fan will appreciate it as well, however I am sure that others will like it too.

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YouTube: Rufus Cuff (Industrial Video)


Photo credit: Rufus Labs

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