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Prototype “Clutch Crutch” Might Help Better Healing in the Future

You will not know it until you experience it. Whoever tried to recover by walking with crutches knows something about pain and struggle. And that isn’t a broken leg or ankle, but hands and underarm muscles which are constantly under inflammation.

Brett Adams Andrew Fan Jeffrey Cargill Sameer Saiya and Junyan Lim all graduates of Purdue School of Mechanical Engineering Clutch Crutch FlipAdaptation to regular crutches, after putting a plaster bandage, seeks time and an odd feeling because you have to rely on something that isn’t your leg.Walking, sitting, every single daily activity which includes crutches now can be more practical and functional for use.

Here comes a prototype called Clutch Crutch, a special design of unique substitute for usually wooden or metal crutches.It was invented by a student, and it is entirely hands-free.

How does the Clutch Crutch work?

There is enough space for leg and thighs to rest with a special support and extension which replaces your leg. So while your leg is well enough supported, you can walk with no problems. This kind of leg posture actually keeps all the weight of the injured leg, and the foot is still in a position to move along with support to simulate walking.

This could actually help injuries heal faster. It is meant to improve the healing of sprained ankles, Achilles tears or broken feet. For now on, there is only a prototype, and a group of student inventors is trying to create even a lighter version for use.

Some of their plans are to add some more features into this leg helper, such as apps or sensors. Now it is official – old fashioned crutches are history and recovering can be a much more relaxing than it used to be.

This is the first prototype of the Clutch Crutch — the design will be improved once it goes to market. For more information contact Brett Adams.

YouTube: “Clutch Crutch” Gets Injured People On Their Feet

Photo credit: Brett Adams / Sameer Saiya
Source: Purdue University / Brett Adams

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