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ottonova: Providing German Health Insurance for Expats

It’s pretty common these days for young professionals to seek out opportunities in another country. This usually requires a candidate to send in a few requirements, including proof of health insurance. While people are now starting to see the importance of having insurance, some don’t know that most health insurance providers do not provide overseas or international coverage.

Applying for domestic insurance applicable to the country takes a lot of time and effort from an upcoming expat. Apart from possible language barriers, one may also add the stress of having to understand another country’s healthcare systems before the big move. With this in mind, ottonova was established.


Insurance for expats residing in Germany

Dr. Roman Rittweger founded the start-up company ottonova, intending to provide an easier and more convenient way towards health services access. It offers five different kinds of insurance, one of them being specific to expats in Germany.

ottonova offers flexibility to expats depending on their health needs, length of stay in Germany, and personal preferences. They also offer visa application assistance which is an added value compared to other German health insurance providers.

This insurance company is the first of its kind in Germany, mainly operating through a user-friendly front-end mobile application. All processes are done and managed through its app or phone calls. This lessens the need for paperwork while increasing efficiency in getting things done.

Top-notch customer support

Full health support such as doctor video calls, health check reminders, and assistance in scheduling doctor’s appointments are provided. Since this is made with expats in mind, English speaking doctors and dedicated customer support staff are also available with just a few taps on the phone.

Despite just being established in 2017, ottonova received top marks for customer satisfaction in the 2018 KUBUS study on private insurance companies. The company is also receiving continuous support from its investors and partners.

For expats, this will be a big help in ticking off their list of things to do as they transition to live and work in Germany. Indeed, it is a giant step towards reinventing healthcare and customer interaction through the use of emerging technologies.

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