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Nintendo Power Glove: We Already Had Wearables Decades Ago [Video]

After we mentioned the Nintendo Power Glove in our previous article about 10 wearable tech experts you should follow on Twitter, some people of the TechAcute community got back to us not knowing what we were talking about. Some because they were too young and others never considered Nintendo to be a Pioneer of wearables at the end of the 80s.

Rather than having several conversations that all link out to Wikipedia, we thought, why not pick a cool video by the Gaming Historian? After all a picture is worth a thousand words and a video therefore is even of more value. So thanks to the Gaming Historian (a.k.a. Norman Caruso) for awesome videos and enjoy the time trip to the early days of consumer wearable technology.

YouTube: The Power Glove – Gaming Historian

Photo credit: Nintendo

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