New Technologies in Online Gambling in 2019


Online gambling has become increasingly popular over the last two decades. Mobile apps have made it easy for players to sit comfortably at home and play their favorite casino games. But that’s not all. Innovations like virtual reality, augmented reality and gesture control, combined with amazing video resolutions are making online gambling even more enticing. Now, let’s take a brief look at the technologies that are shaping the future of online gambling.

Facial recognition

One of the up and coming trends that are about to make an impact on tech is the use of facial recognition. Powerful 3D scanners and cameras can create a precise video image that looks exactly like you. One possible application can be used to create an attractive custom avatar with your own facial expressions to play mobile casino games. Your avatar can be used in different games online offering you the experience of feeling as if you are in an actual casino. In fact, Intel’s RealSense 3D camera permits game programmers to develop games that will adapt to the facial expressions of the person playing the game.

Gesture recognition

Intel RealSense technology enables you to play with your hand alone or to interact with your controller without actually touching it. The 3D camera keeps track of 22 points on your hand. So you can use the natural movement of your hand or just wave to control different aspects of the game. For instance, you can imagine having the ability to spin a roulette wheel with a simple gesture. Gestures could also be used to fold or bet at a virtual poker table or to play slot games. There is no limit to the way gestures can be combined with virtual reality in online gambling.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality consoles are now actively used in both live and online slot games. With the rapid development of virtual reality headsets, a player can actually feel as if he is standing inside a live casino. Virtual reality will be explored to allow players to participate in virtual sports, poker and virtual lotteries in the near future.

Voice recognition

Voice controlled gaming has been gaining momentum for a while, but with the ability of computers to easily recognize voice commands, the potential for using it for an enticing online casino experience has finally arrived. Now, you can use voice commands to control many aspects of the game. You can speak to make bets, talk to the casino croupier or chat with other players. Voice recognition improves the ability of players to interact with an online casino.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality takes virtual reality a step further. Instead of being confined to the perimeter of a TV screen or computer, it provides an illusion of reality that influences all senses. So you could feel as if you are right inside a live casino with various sound and lighting effects. You may be playing roulette and have a feeling that the dealer has come through the screen and is sitting right there with you. It may take some time before it becomes a consistent feature of online casinos but with the rapid advances in this technology, players can expect an ecstatic and fulfilling gambling experience.


The growth of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology has started influencing online casinos. Beyond the use of cryptocurrencies to receive and make payment, the blockchain technology provides a unique opportunity for fairness and accountability. Players can check the blockchain records to know if a deal or spin is fair and random. That is why more companies want to add this technology to their online casinos to attract more players.

5G mobile internet

5G is going to be launched around the world in 2019 and beyond. This fifth-generation mobile internet technology will enable us to enjoy download speeds that are 10 to 20 times faster than what we can achieve with 4G technology. 5G will provide solutions to latency problems that have made it difficult for many players to enjoy their mobile casino games.

Latency is the length of time or delays that occur between the time that a mobile device or computer contacts the casino server and when it responds with the data and images. Latency issues are particularly prominent while playing games like blackjack online. If the latency is high (network response time will be slow) and the player will not be able to see the dealer’s actions fast enough.

When fully deployed, 5G has the potential to eliminate all latency issues by reducing the response time to less than one millisecond. This means mobile players will be able to play online poker with amazing speed and fulfillment. In the near future, we will most likely see many online casinos providing their users with virtual reality headsets because of the speed offered by 5G connectivity.

All the technologies highlighted here can create a truly exciting and immersive gambling experience for people who love to play at online casinos or participate in gambling online. Many people are already expecting to have some of these features popping up in mobile gambling apps and websites and the companies that implement these technologies early will attract a lot of traffic.

This guest article has been provided by James Lee Robinson as a column for TechAcute. This article reflects the author’s views and is built on his opinion and experiences. It is not necessarily the view of the editorial office.

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