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Navdy: Smart Gadget for Smart Drivers

Driving safety is a very important issue, as millions of people die each year because of car accidents. While most of the time carelessness is the main cause, there are numerous situations in which these accidents are caused by smartphone use. Unfortunately, a lot of people use their smartphones while on the road, instead of keeping their eyes in front and avoid upcoming dangers.

Some clever developers have thought about the problems that smartphone use can cause especially when you are on the road, and this is how the Navdy product was born.

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Navdy is a head-up display that will basically project information on a display located in your car, so all data you need will always sit in front of you, without having to access your phone while driving. Navdy successfully syncs with your Android and iOS device so you can respond to calls, view a map of the road via the GPS systems or even respond to messages.

But the interesting thing is that you can actually respond to message using gestures, something that we think it’s very neat and unique. In order to answer a call you just need to swipe left in front of the Navdy device and that’s it. You can also dismiss calls if you want without too much hassle.

Moreover, you can receive notifications on the display, but the interesting thing here is that if you are currently looking at your map, the display section will split in two so you can access the notifications as well as the map at the same time. There’s no need for touchscreens or buttons, everything is located in front of you and you can access all of this at your own pace, which is simply astonishing to say the least.

We are also impressed by the fact that this neat device brings voice recognition. This way you can respond to messages while driving, without to get the phone from your pocket and typing. You just say what you want to include in the message and the device will send the command to your phone. The voice commands work really good and overall Navdy successfully manages to impress in this regard.


The device can display notifications from all your favorite devices, so be it maps, social media and so on, you will be notified about the latest happenings if you want to.

Not only that, but you can also choose to listen to music and even change the current songs while driving with the help of voice commands or swiping. All these functions combine seamlessly to form a neat package which is astonishing, yet very easy to use.

Overall, we are really impressed with all that Navdy manages to bring to the table. This is a stellar device that not only makes you feel like you drive in the future, thanks to its innovative display, but it also connects seamlessly with your apps, so you won’t have a problem using it at your own pace. It provides a one of a kind experience that’s well worth the price. Speaking of that, Navdy can be pre-purchased now for $299 + shipping at http://www.navdy.com/. The device is set to launch early 2015.

YouTube: Navdy – Feels Like Driving In The Future

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