Mail Client ‘Mailbird’ now with Speed Reading Feature


Faster, better, further – today we chase for improvement on all fronts. Increasing our own productivity for personal and professional life, to achieve better outcome. Often there are new tools introduced or new methodologies are to be learned to increase our productivity but there are rarely news that combine both.


Contenga International, the software innovators and IT start-up revolutionists, pump up their productivity-focused mail client ‘Mailbird’ with a great new feature: Speed Reading

About Mailbird

Andrea Loubier, Mailbird CEO

Mailbird is a lightweight, sleek and agile mail client for Windows. It shines with an easy yet beautiful interface and is priced for its productivity features. There is a slightly limited free version, a fairly priced full version and an option for business users that want to supply this solution for a group of individuals.

Today Andrea Loubier has posted the news in their blog, that they are now releasing the newly developed speed reading feature for their mail client.

Speed Reading

Speed reading is an interesting way to read written information in a way that allows you to improve your reading speed critically.  You can jump directly into this method of reading and increase the speed as you get better over time.

While normal readers have a speed rate of approx. 250 words per minute (WPM), top speed reader Anne Jones has a WPM rate of more than 4,000. Not everybody pushes as far as that but with speed reading built into software, you can definitely hope to achieve a WPM of beyond 600.

In software speed reading is implemented by focusing only on the same spot on the screen watching the words fly by. It takes a little practice and getting-used-to but it wields a high potential in speeding up the process of consuming large chunks of text.


Mailbird is the only mail client I have come across, to have implemented this feature, so feel free to try it out. There is also a large number of browser extensions that can help you speed read articles and other writings among web pages that are not in your email inbox.

Feature image by Difei Li

YouTube: Email Speed Reading with Mailbird

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