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KIWI Smart Doors Securing the Entrance to Your Home

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The traditional lock-and-key system has improved over time without changing the basic mechanism. It has been a thousand years when the first lock was invented, and since then, it has been modified and updated in several ways. Specifically, the lock has intensified the structure to enhance the security feature of a smart home.

KIWI is a familiar name in the industry of producing a safe, easy, and convenient electronic locking system. Now, they have evolved IoT into their Smart Door to make it smarter and operate without using hands or push buttons.

KIWI’s Smart Door utilizes technology with security features to make your life a little less complicated. The company has taken a step ahead and combines the smart lock with IoT access management so that you can control the door using the internet. It is a quick and cost-effective solution that is integrated into the locking system.

Conceptualizing the smart door

The innovation of the KIWI Smart Door plays a major role in addressing home security as more homeowners are switching to a smart home. It modernizes the usual model of the building in integrating endurance, low maintenance, and efficiency.

KIWI Smart Door

The Smart Doors concept combines the premium door systems along with the smart KIWI technology. This gives easy access to revolutionizing the lock method using a few simple steps.

More than anything, KIWI prioritizes security. It has encrypted communication with the KIWI Transponder and KIWI data sensors which have been developed alongside globally recognized security experts.

How the doors work

KIWI offers a range of smart doors for an apartment building. All you need to do is find a door that fits your requirements. The door gives you freedom from using conventional keys. It is extremely safe and offers a 3-point lock ensuring total safety and supplies the RC2 burglary protection. The door also automatically connects to the KIWI infrastructure plug-and-play and will enable KIWI applications instantly.

Once the door is placed, the designated technician team from KIWI will help to install your smart door. The technicians will enable the KIWI smart entry by situating it behind the bell panel and connect to the power through the bell system. After the installation, you can manage the access rights online via the KIWI Portal. This can be accessed through the KIWI App or the KIWI Transponder.

You can set up the users, grant access rights, or delete access when necessary. Use the portal to open the door directly with a simple click. People with granted door access rights can also open the door with KIWI Transponder or the KIWI App. If you’re looking for an alternative to KIWI with a focus on enterprise solutions rather than consumer appliances you can also check out what Kisi has to offer as one of the best keyless entry systems out there.

KIWI Smart Door

The Functions KIWI Application

The Smart Doors contains the smart access technology from KIWI, where the sensor is preinstalled in the door leaf. It controls the motor lock of the door that does not require any battery or charging. The Smart Door automatically connects to the KIWI infrastructure right after the moment it has been mounted, and you can manage the door accordingly.

If you are planning to move into your new building or renovating your home, then you can install KIWI Smart Doors. It will let you indulge in multiple functions just in one solution. The electronic locking system is a great solution for upgrading, innovating, and modernizing your home at a lesser cost.

This door is maintenance-free as it is permanently electrified and does not need any expensive maintenance. KIWI gives you the flexibility to manage your property and access the door with competence. Enhance the security features of your residence and upgrade into KIWI Smart Doors with assured security. The accompanying app for this is available on Android and iOS.

YouTube: Digitales Schließsystem | KIWI – Opening Doors | (German)

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