With Kiva Micro-Loans You Can Change the World


kiva-logo-high-quality-large-version-png-official-latest-mfi-microfinance-instituteIn today’s society we always think that we don’t have the time and resources to do everything we want or to acquire the goods we desire so much, however there are many persons around the world that are doing so much worse. Simply put, there are people in dire need of money in order to survive and fulfill their basic needs, so a few brilliant minds have gathered in order to provide us with a platform through which we can help those in need.

The platform is named Kiva.org and it provides us with the capability of lending money to those persons that are in dire need as fast as possible.

The process of lending money with Kiva is very simple, all you have to do is to browse the list of borrowers, choose one whose cause you want to support and then make a loan. In a pre-determined period of time you will get your money back, and you can use them to lend a hand to other people. The best part here is that you can help as many people as you want, and all you have to do is to lend $25, which is the starting, default sum for lending money on this platform.

An interesting thing about the platform is that there are a wide range of categories that you can choose from, and each one of them has many people which can be helped with your money. The categories include women, agriculture, education, shelter, single parents, health, single parents, green products and conflict zones.

As you can see, Kiva does a great job when it comes to connecting you with people that genuinely need your help. This is a great humanitarian effort, and the fact that you get your money back after a period of time and you actually have the opportunity to help other human beings in your endeavor makes the whole experience even more interesting to say the least.

The free interest loans provided through Kiva can be used for a wide range of purposes, and we have to say that the whole idea of this project is designed to help people. With as little as your $25, you can help create and boost the ideals of a company, and you can actually be the supporter of a business, or you can place some food of the table for a few families that are in dire need of your help.

It can be very hard for some people to get the money they need, so we do need to appeal to our humanity in order to obtain the best results. With Kiva, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a stellar experience focused mainly on helping other human beings.

I find Kiva to be a revolutionary platform, one that will definitely increase its exposure in the online world as time passes, providing us with better and better results. I encourage you to try out this platform and help others, you can invest as much as you want to, but the results will be much appreciated.

Editorial note:
You can also join the TechAcute Lending Team on Kiva. So far we helped 36 people with a total lending sum of $900 and want to continue doing so.  Also great as a gift to give to others. Let’s help each other out.

YouTube: Beyond charity, rethinking how we give

Photo credit: USAID

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