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Is Cyber Security Overrated?

Recently Eileen Burbidge was featured on “The Pulse”, on Bloomberg TV, to share some ideas and pointers in regards to the hit and miss popularity that cyber security has nowadays. As she states, numerous companies all over the world still do not want to integrate cyber security into their most important endeavors, mainly because most of them see it as an additional cost that might not pay off in the end.

In fact, banks and financial companies take these problems very serious in order to protect their assets, but the technological community on the other hand is a little scared because many fields of work don’t place a lot of emphasis on security and as such they actually ban encryption or any similar technologies just to reduce the costs. In our opinion this is a large problem because it leads to numerous financial losses in the end. The worrying thing is that even the president of the US, Obama, has made cyber security one of the top concerns, especially for the general public.

Still, the public does think that it’s a little strange to keep your personal information on sites, especially to numerous hacks such as the ones that happened to various retailers as well as prestigious companies such as Sony for example.

Technology is moving at a very rapid pace and because of that if you don’t update cyber security options or at least integrate them properly within your company you are bound to have some very bad results in the end, and this is why cyber security is very important nowadays.


Hackers are constantly finding new means of attacking companies, so these businesses have to implement even better security measures that would make their products simply unhackable.

There are a few things that are good in this regard, because cyber security problems are raising awareness in regards to the wide range of issues that cause cyber security, and because of that people do see the true issues the lack of security brings.

Thankfully, we can learn numerous things in regards to the authorities treat cyber security. While they are aware that it is a real threat, they fail to understand that there isn’t a clear database of services or online products, so it can be hard to determine which are a threat or not. The web is pretty much in control right now and it brings that intense sense of freedom that many of us want to ignore. Still, as a person with lots of experience in web tech, I think that not only the government needs to make his part, instead we should do that as well.

Preventing cyber security comes from us, and with better passwords, less personal information made public and better anti-malware solutions we are bound to be in a better situation.

Watch the interview with Eileen Burbidge and Manus Cranny on Bloomberg TV.
Content: Passion Capital Partner Eileen Burbidge discusses improving cyber security and why it may not be a priority for all sectors. She speaks with Manus Cranny on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

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