How to Fix the Common Causes of Internet Outages at Home


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We know that Internet outages can be very frustrating, especially when you are in the middle of an important meeting online. But apart from being frustrating and annoying, Internet outages can happen anytime, and you must be prepared to tackle this issue on your own (if possible).

 Most Internet issues can be easily dealt with at home without external help. You just need to make sure that you have all the necessary knowledge to handle these issues. This is why we’ve compiled a list of possible emergencies related to your Internet and their possible fixes below.

But if, after trying all the recommended solutions described below, the Internet still doesn’t get any better, then it is time to call your Internet service provider for help. ISPs usually have a good customer support service that can guide you and better advise you on how to tackle the specific issue or can even send a technician to your home to help.

If your Internet service is down due to any reason, these are the steps that you need to take before calling for help.

Reset your Wi-Fi router

The first thing for you to do is reset your wi-fi router and check if the issue resolves. Most of the time, simply turning the router off and back on resolves the common problems. For this, you will have to turn off your router with the power button usually located next to the cable ports of the device.

Also, unplug the router from the socket and wait for 10 seconds. Plugin the router again and turn it on with the help of the power button.

Check the Internet lights

All of the modern wi-fi devices have LED lights on them which show the Internet and wi-fi signal strength. The light with the label WAN usually shows the Internet signals you receive from the provider. If the light is turned on, it means that there is no issue from the provider’s end.

If the light is off or red, you might need troubleshooting! For this, you can run the Internet troubleshooter. If you want to run the troubleshooter on a Windows laptop, then click on the start → Update & Security → and select troubleshooter for Internet connection.

If on Mac, disconnect any ethernet cables or external drivers → Restart your computer → hold down the D key on the keyboard → And pick the language → the diagnosis will launch automatically.

Check the Wi-Fi signal light

The wi-fi light is usually labeled as 2.4G, 5G, WLAN, or Wireless on modern routers. When there are no issues with the Wi-Fi signals, these lights blink regularly. If these lights are off or turned red, then your device isn’t broadcasting the wi-fi signals. You can run troubleshooting to check and resolve this issue as described before.

Test with an ethernet cable

If your wi-fi is not working, you can test the Internet by plugging in an ethernet cable to your computer to check if the issue is with Wi-Fi or the Internet connection itself. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to your computer’s port and the other to the router. This will bypass all the essential security measures hardwired into your router.

How to Fix the Common Causes of Internet Outages at Home - Ethernet Switch RJ45 Cables Jack LED lit gree
Image: Pixabay / Pexels

If your Internet works fine with the ethernet cable, it means that you have a Wi-Fi problem. If so, you can easily try rebooting your router or troubleshooting. Or switching the Wi-Fi bands from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz.

Test on other devices

Don’t just test on a single device; use different devices at your home to check the Internet connectivity issues. Most of the time, the issue is with the device rather than the Internet connection. If the Internet works fine on other devices, then the issue is with the device. But if it is not working on any device, then there must be a problem with the Internet connection.

You can then refer to Belong Internet outage maps online to check the Internet outage information (if any) in your area. If there is an Internet outage in your area, then you must consider contacting your Internet provider to check their progress on resolving the issue.

Consider switching to a different provider

If your Internet connection regularly breaks down, then you should consider changing your Internet provider. You don’t have to worry, as websites like Compare Bear allow you to compare the Internet providers in your area and easily migrate to another provider with a better offer.

Fix your Internet issues at home and save your precious time

Knowing how to fix common Internet issues will not only save your time but also the energy and time of the technician that will be sent to your home after you complain to your provider. That’s why it’s better to be safe than sorry with our guide to common fixes for routine connection issues.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Aditya Singh. The photo in the body of the article has been done by Pixabay.

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