How to Buy WoW Classic Gold in 2023?


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Today’s guide will look at why people might choose to buy WoW: Classic gold. We will also answer common questions and concerns players may have about the gold-buying process. Before beginning, this guide is for World of Warcraft: Classic and not other versions like Retail or Wrath of the Lich King. Having said that, most of the advice will apply to all versions of WoW.

Buying WoW Classic Gold is a great way to skip the grinds and unlock the content you most want to play, including raids and PvP. However, if you have never bought gold before, knowing where to start cannot be very clear.

What is WoW: Classic?

World of Warcraft Classic was released in 2019 by Blizzard. It aimed to give players another chance to relive the original version of World of Warcraft before Bizzard released expansions and updated them. This version of the game has proven to be hugely popular, attracting both new and returning players.

What is WoW: Classic gold?

Gold is the common name given to World of Warcraft’s in-game currency. You will also see it referred to as money or gold pieces. Aside from gold pieces, there are also lower denominations of money: copper and silver, although these are rarely used when buying and selling WoW money.

Due to many new players starting from scratch, there has been a significant demand for WoW: Classic gold. The market for Classic gold was even greater than that of Retail at the height of its popularity. While many gamers have moved on to the “Wrath of the Lich King” expansion, a sizeable player base is still paying for WoW: Classic gold.

Why do you need gold?

Because gold is the primary in-game currency, you can use it to purchase various items, including armor, weapons, and food. Most of these items can be bought and sold through an Auction House, which allows players to trade items without the need to meet face-to-face. You can find an Auction House in most of Azeroth’s major cities. Another point to note is that the auction houses and in-game trading is separated by the two factions, Horde and Alliance.

As we mentioned earlier, using gold to buy in-game items can help speed up your character’s progression. In addition, many players want to join their friends or clan mates in one of the game’s many raids, so leveling up this way can be a great time-saver.

How to buy gold?

When you have decided the time is right for you to buy WoW: Classic gold, you first need to know which faction and which realm you want to buy for. If you are unsure of your character’s realm, check the top right corner of the main screen after you have loaded WoW: Classic. Here you can see a full list of realms, listed by their geographic location, and it also shows which ones you have characters on. If unsure of your character’s faction, then this info can be easily searched online using the character’s race; for example, searching “Tauren faction wowc”, will give you the answer.

Many gold sellers work with suppliers to hold and deliver the stock for them. The main reason for this is with so many realms and each divided into two factions; it requires a lot of accounts and staff to keep track of it all. Usually, when you order gold, the company will ask their suppliers if they have the amount required and on the correct realm/ faction. With big gold sellers, there should usually be a little waiting time to receive your gold. However, you may experience a short wait if you order a large amount of gold or a less popular realm.

Gold can be traded face-to-face, but the most popular method is using the game’s mail system. The major benefit of the mail system is that once you have ordered your gold, you can receive it at any time and don’t even need to be logged in. Often with large orders, you can receive multiple mail messages with smaller amounts of gold until the full order is completed. This allows you to play the game and use some of the gold without waiting for a full order to be completed all at once.

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Editorial notice: Please review if buying virtual currency for your games is in line with the terms of service and EULA of the operator who runs your game before making purchases.

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