How Casinos Use Design Psychology to Get You to Gamble More


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Playing casino games is a great way to unwind, whether you have had a long day at work, need to distract yourself, or want to build your cognitive skills. And thanks to online casinos, playing games has become accessible at the tap of a button. Sites like GreatWin Casino offer desktop and mobile experiences, enabling players to game on the go. Plus, they offer high payouts. But have you ever wondered why you spend more time playing than you intended initially? We have the answer:

Design psychology in casinos

All establishments have design psychology. Take restaurants as an example. They often feature red highlights, soothing music, and bold colors to encourage you to keep eating. So, how do casinos keep you playing?

1. Beautiful designs

People feel comfortable in beautiful settings. You rarely want to leave a space where you feel right at home. And casinos know this. They entice you with beautiful art, comfortable yet elegant furniture, bright displays, and impeccable interior decor. Once you have a seat or start playing the games, the external setting comforts you, and you settle into your new home. By the time you look up, the time has passed. But you won’t know that because most casinos don’t have clocks!

Do these designs work in online settings? Of course! Graphic designers ensure that they invigorate your senses with the displays. Everything seems intuitive, practical, and delightful. And with the comforting sounds and sights, you find yourself playing one game after the other, unaware of the time. They also ensure that the gaming screens fill up the display so you barely see the time.

2. Stimulating sounds and scents

Our senses determine how likely we are to do anything. For example, if you walk into a restaurant with tantalizing smells wafting from the kitchen, you will likely order more food. In the same way, casinos ensure that the sounds and scents work on your subconscious, as the designs stimulate your conscious self.

How? Take the slots sounds as an example. You feel drawn to the machines as you hear the delightful reel sounds and winning notifications. As you see the dealers shuffling the cards and listen to people cheer at winning, you find yourself making a wager. The scents are also as exciting. Most casinos combine food scents and essential oils to stimulate feelings of joy and comfort. You feel right at home and settle into the space even more.

Can online settings hack such stimulation? Of course! While they cannot waft scents your way, they can incorporate sounds that make the games feel even more exciting. They use cheers, cool music in the background, pops, dance tunes, and other sounds to break the monotony in gaming. And you find yourself playing just to get that winning track!

3. Food and drinks

Most players can leave a casino if they feel hungry or thirsty. Managers know this and ensure that players enjoy access to enough food and drinks to satisfy their biological needs. They often offer free food or affordable buffets to ensure players stay in the game. And the washrooms? These are often placed far from the gaming sections. So, as you try to get to them, you find yourself drawn to other games!

Staying aware while playing

The house always wins. But can you beat the house at its game? Of course! Now that you know that the casino environment caters to your sensory needs, you can stay on top of your game in the following ways:

  • Cap your spending: Prolonged playing hours can result in excess spending. But with a strict budget, you can cash out once you have spent your set amount.
  • Play when sober: Playing while drunk, angry, hurt, or while experiencing such adverse mental and physical states can worsen your judgment. Your best bet in staying aware of your playing is to enter the scene with a sober mind.

You can also set a timer if you need to be somewhere after a set time.

Photo credit: The feature image is symbolic and has been done by Christopher Isak with Midjourney for TechAcute.

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