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GoPro HERO4: Tiny Awesome 4K Sports Camera

If you are on the lookout for a nice, compact device with lots of appeal and an interesting set of features, then the GoPro HERO4 might be right up your alley. The GoPro HERO4 is one of the most interesting devices to be had right now on the market because this tiny little camera is twice as better when compared to its predecessors, and it can actually record 4K video, despite the small size. At the same time, the images captured here come with 12MP and they are very nicely depicted.GoPro-HERO4-Black-Display-Camera-Product-Photo

GoPro-logo-hero-cam-large-resolution-high-quality-png-white-transparentAlongside that, with the GoPro HERO4 you get a built-in Wifi support, as well as Bluetooth capabilities, and a Protune feature that allows you to perform a cinema quality capture while still having manual control over the other features, such as ISO limit, exposure, color control and so on. At the same time, with the GoPro HERO4 you can easily adjust the frame rates if you want, as you will get the optimal performance without a problem.


With the GoPro HERO4 you also get multiple FOV settings, as well as HiLight Tag, Superview and other interesting stuff, however the thing that impressed me the most is definitely its portability.

If there’s another thing that I like about the GoPro HERO4 that would definitely be the durability. It’s a small device, but at the same time it’s very compact, so you literally get a good shock resistance, no matter what you do with it, even if you drop it actually.


But the standout thing is the great video and picture quality you can get with this one. Sure, you do need to pay quite a lot for it, but it’s a great investment if you want a good, portable and durable camera to be used during your trips. Check it out, the GoPro HERO4 is well worth your time.

Photo credit: GoPro

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