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Google Launches Noto Font Family

Nowadays we have a wide range of fonts that suit just about any type of purpose, from professional use to entertainment and so on. However, most of the fonts are different from one another and even font families can’t be used in any situation, and this is why Google has launched the Noto font family.

Noto is a font family that was created in order to provide full coverage for all the scripts that are encoded with the help of the Unicode standard. Of course, the main purpose of the Noto font family is to provide visual harmony no matter what language or script you might use. This is a big deal, especially if you take into consideration that many languages have a large problem when it comes to showcasing their content the right way.


All the Noto font types are released under the Apache License 2.0 and have been created specifically by Google. This is a major deal if you take into consideration the fact that no other company has ever considered releasing and universal set of fonts until now.

The two main font families that are covered here are Noto Serif and Noto Sans, each one of them with generalized and specific download options, depending on the language that you want to cover.

Although it’s a little hard to say this, especially in the beginning, you can immediately realize that Noto has a lot of potential when it comes to becoming the most important font type that you can use nowadays. We are a little far from that being a reality though, but we’re certainly getting there, mainly because we all want an universal font type and Noto fits the bill quite nicely.


Installing the Noto font package is very easy to do, you just have to go to the Google Noto page and download the font package, then uncompress it, search for the fonts in your Control Panel and just drag and drop the contents of the font package into the Fonts folder.

In a world where even font packages are sold for a profit by some companies, Google does a great job in releasing Noto via an open source license. This is an amazing gesture that shows once more that Google is well ahead of many companies nowadays and they just want to get involved in as many activities as possible. These Noto fonts are a testaments of how important it is to have an open font type that works with all languages.

Since the installation process is very easy and these fonts look stunning, we recommend you to check them out via the link you can find above in this article.

Photo credit: Cassidy Curtis / Google

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