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Google Grabs the Talent behind Kifi and Decommissions the Service

12-July, Mountain View – Kifi is a relatively small company with less than 10 employees. Kifi established a solution for users to collaboratively manage and curate knowledge from the internet. Google has identified them as key talent to support their Google Spaces project and invited them to join. Part of the deal was also that the current Kifi service is shut down within the next few weeks causing frustration among the Kifi user base. Kifi was founded in 2012 by Dan Blumenfeld and Eishay Smith. They have been funded in two series, with a $1M seed in 2013 and another $10.2M in 2014.

Saving and managing content on Kifi

Photo credit: Google
Source: CrunchBase / Kifi on MediumJordan Novet (VentureBeat)

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