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GeoGuessr: The Game That Will Take You on a World Tour

geoguessr logoWhat can be more fun than actually exploring the world and having the ability to see various cultures? Playing a game about them can be just as exciting and it can definitely provide you with a great set of results which is exactly what GeoGuessr does.

This is a game where all you have to do is to try and find the correct location based on the image that you can see in front of you. As you can expect, the image is split into many parts but you do have the ability to rotate it and you do need to try and guess the location the best way you can.

GeoGuessr does come with its own interesting set of challenges, but it does convey some incredible results and honestly it does offer an interesting appeal which is what matters the most. What I personally like here is that the title does have a good way of exploring the world all while offering you some tangible challenges as you play.

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It definitely isn’t easy and it only gets tougher as you play yet there’s something unique about being able to have fun as you find new places in the world. Sometimes you can really study the image to find out its location, other times you will be able to do an educated guess, but either way the world is your oyster and you do are the one responsible when it comes to the stuff you choose and how you get the experience done in the first place.

As a fan of general knowledge games, GeoGuessr is definitely a great addition to my game stash because I like the gameplay and the entire point system that they use here.

GeoGuessr grabs the images from street view and Google maps, so you do have the ability to play on real maps which is the true benefit off this game. Then you also have the ability to engage in challenges towards other players which is also quite an interesting feat to say the least. You can even play in singleplayer if you want, a very interesting thing to do and a fun one as well if you like a good challenge on your own.

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They do allow you to build your own maps and also have a special pin, but that does require a membership. I feel that if you like geography this can be a solid investment.

I personally had a lot of fun with GeoGuessr and I do enjoy its immersiveness. It’s a cool game and a fun browser experience, so if you do want to check it out and you are intrigued by the idea of a geography game based off Google Maps, visit them or grab the mobile app and you will certainly enjoy the experience!

Photo credit: Colin Behrens

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