The Flexible Opinion


Everybody has an opinion and if they don’t, they outsource the thinking process and adapt someone else’s opinion. Even the decision that you don’t care about something is an opinion in my – you guessed it – in my opinion. This is not going to be a scientific article about the subject but I hope it will yet be interesting to you.

What is an opinion? Wikipedia says an opinion is “a judgment, viewpoint, or statement about matters commonly considered to be subjective”. I think it’s how you think about something or someone, what you feel about it and how you express this thoughts to others. I also firmly believe that any type of opinion is flexible and most definitely not permanent.

About This Photograph

This is a photo I took in December 2006 in Frankfurt, Germany. This was 9 years ago and taken with my Sony Ericsson K800i cell phone. It wasn’t really a smartphone but it was cutting edge in taking photographs. We also did not have Instagram at that time, so that look it has was manual effort and not just tapping the spring-sparkles filter. Only 9 years ago but seems like a different time really. I titled it Motion for reconsideration and this is the comment I added to it:

You can always follow a stream falling into your routines. Often it is even helpful, but whatever you do, you should yet stay conscious and be aware of your options.  Maybe one day it is the other path you have to take. A path into a better future maybe? If you want it.
Tengo hambre.

I would have not remembered this thought, if I did not write it down back then, so I’m very happy, that I can now share that with you.

The Nature of Opinions

I had interesting conceptual conversations with Diana Adams about opinions before. One of the questions in those conversations was, if opinions are fixed or flexible. I believe that opinions are flexible and could even change throughout a single day by 180 degree, based on what happens in the life of the opinion owner. I think that opinions are…

  • Based on individual (or second-hand) experiences
  • Based on individual socialization
  • Highly subjective
  • Subject to change at any time

Just like with everything in live, change is the spice. Ideas can spark and you can innovate even your own opinions. Maybe my opinion is now even changing your opinion on opinions (what a sentence…).
Many thanks for reading and like always I would love to hear from you below in the comment section!
Photo credit: Pei Huang (黃培華) / Christopher Isak

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Christopher Isak
Christopher Isak
Hi there and thanks for reading my article! I'm Chris the founder of TechAcute. I write about technology news and share experiences from my life in the enterprise world. Drop by on Twitter and say 'hi' sometime. ;)
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