Fingertip-Calling Device ‘Sgnl’ Reaches 1,000% of Expected Funding


7-September, Seoul – The South Korean digital innovation startup Innomdle Lab has already hit the 1,000% mark on their recently launched Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Even though the gig is still open for another 30 days, the backers are already supporting their Sgnl device (previously known as “TipTalk”) with a sum of more than $500,000.

What is the Sgnl device used for? Why are so many people buying into this fairly young company and their inventions? Sgnl is a smart strap for your phone, that enables you to make calls just by touching your ear with your fingertip. You can add additional functions if you pair your smartwatch with Sgnl as well. The final street price is not yet known but seeing the unlimited gig being charged at $139 you could assume that it will be roughly in that pricing area as soon as the product hits the shelves.

Interesting enough for more than 3,000 backers in only a few days, what does this product have to offer to you? Where did the idea for this come from?

The story

Sgnl is the story of a person boasting about his smartwatch, yet being embarrassed that others could hear the phone call conversations as well. Inspired by this problem the Innomdle Lab CEO, Hyunchul Choi, started working on a solution that would address this issue, as he saw this to become a popular demand in the near future.

How does it work?

%ed%8c%80-%eb%8b%a8%ec%b2%b4%ec%82%ac%ec%a7%84-innomdle-lab-sgnl-taptalk-device-startup-apple-watch-smartwatch-gadget-deviceA centerpiece of technology that makes Sgnl work is the patented body conduction unit. It enables the device to transmit vibrations through the body, which are then converted to sound waves. Once a Bluetooth connectivity has been established, voice signals can be transported through the body, without you noticing it, and will lead to the user’s hand and finally their fingertips.

If the users reach for their ears, they will then be able to hear the converted audio signal. Users are of course also able to speak and the Sgnl microphone will capture what you say and send it back to the person on the other end of the line.


To summarize the functions provided by Sgnl we went through the official press release information and compiled the information for you. Maybe some of the features are able to solve some of your own “problems” as well?

  • Just answer the call: No need to always carry your phone in your hands, jump for it as soon as it rings or panic trying to find your phone in your bag.
  • Clear sound, wherever you are: Familiar with the stress of trying phone conversations in loud environments? Guess what, putting a finger in your ear not only lets you hear the caller, but also blocks other noises.
  • Total privacy: No matter what, it won’t be possible for others to hear what the other person on the line is saying. Smartphones tend to allow others to eavesdrop, but if the signal goes right through your skin, there’s no way for others to hear that.


How does it work with your watch?

Sgnl will work with most watches. Whether you’re using a classic watch or a smartwatch. It is designed to fit all 18-14mm standard watch lugs. Enjoy Sgnl with your Android Wear, Apple Watch, Pebble Time or really anything else that has more or less standard dimensions. Is there a downside of using Sgnl? You look like a secret agent on a mission. If you don’t mind or even enjoy that look, go for the Sgnl.

Investments in Innomdle Lab

All this innovation, design, production and marketing on such a high level? How is that possible? Before going to Kickstarter to get customers to pledge to buy their products in the future, Innomdle Lab has been funded by several VC organisations, who expect to see a good return on their investments in the future. Samsung Ventures, CyZone Angel Fund and DT Capital all recognized the Sgnl potential and the team’s power to innovate and invested in their solutions. In 2014 they have also been accelerated by Samsung C-LAB.

liangpupuStory pitched by news scout Pupu Liang.
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YouTube: Sgnl – Make Phone Calls with Your Fingertip
Photo credit: Innomdle Lab

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