Fiber Internet Plans – Are They Worth It?


In today’s technologically advanced era, the Internet has become an important staple. And when it comes to high-speed Internet, Fiber Internet is one of the most reliable and budget-friendly Internet options available in the U.S. ISPs offer high-speed DSL and fiber-optic Internet services to their customers in 16 states. But not everyone in the provider’s footprint has access to super-fast fiber speeds due to limited availability. Currently, fiber Internet is available readily in big cities such as Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, and Minneapolis.

The good thing is the provider is still in process of expanding the robust fiber network across the U.S. So if you are looking for an Internet plan that will be worth the investment you make, fiber is the way to go. It offers great speeds, unlimited data, and most importantly, flexibility as it is a contract-free service. Read on if you want to learn more about fiber Internet plans.

Fiber internet plans & pricing

If fiber is available in your area, sign up with an ISP without any second thoughts. With this type of connection, the best part is that you get equal download and upload speeds, which is more than enough for streaming, video gaming, working from home, uploading and downloading heavy files, and video calling. With fiber Internet, you get two main speed options—200 Mbps and 940 Mbps. Each plan comes with unlimited data, no contracts, and hassle-free paperless billing.

Internet Plans Max. Download


Data Allowance  

Price (estimates)


Lower speed option


Up to 200 Mbps Unlimited $30/mo.
Availability depends on the area of residence. Speed may not be available in your area. Paperless billing is required. Taxes and fees apply.
Premium plans


Up to 940 Mbps Unlimited $70/mo.
Availability depends on the area of residence. Speed may not be available in your area. Paperless billing is required. Taxes and fees apply.

What can I do with fiber Internet?

ISPs provide you with fast and reliable speed options at competitive prices. Based on your requirement, you can pick the right plan for yourself without having to make a hole in your pocket. Here is all you can possibly do with the provided speed.

Budget plans

The lesser Internet plans are good for an option with normal usage. With a 200 Mbps download and upload speed, multiple devices can be connected at a time. It can be used to stream 4K videos on multiple devices, video calls, and even work on large media files with multiple users.

Also, since the upload speed is almost the same as the download speed, there is absolutely no problem with uploading files as well.

Premium plans

When it comes to premium or business plans, the possibilities are almost endless. This speed tier is perfect for a large family with heavy Internet usage. Not only can you connect multiple devices, but you can also use your gaming consoles and smart home devices, make video calls, download and upload heavy files, stream 4K content, and much more.

This amount of speed is still not as commonly available in the U.S. and Internet service providers are still working on providing such high speeds. So, if this plan is available in your area, you must not miss the offer. We say this because these plans are not only amazing in terms of speed, but also because they come with several value-adding features.

ISP features and add-ons

Besides fast and steady speed, internet plans come with several appealing features that make them super flexible, reliable, and convenient. The features that we have mentioned below are some of the most value-adding features that fiber offers.

Reliable in-home WiFi

When you subscribe to fiber Internet, you most commonly get a complete WiFi—solution by an advanced wireless modem with WiFi 6 advanced technology. This technology provides 3-4x faster connectivity, higher data capacity, extended battery life for devices on your network, supports multiple users, helps run everything in integration, and also comes with 24/7 technical support.

Moreover, some of the modems from ISPs come with built-in secure WiFi. This way it also provides ultimate Internet and network security to all devices on your network. Security is automatically on and always up-to-date which protects from newly emerged cyber threats. All this for one flat monthly rate. Maybe that’s not perfect but it certainly helps to reduce risk.

Includes free modem and installation

Since we are discussing fiber optic plans here, one of the greatest benefits is that these plans include a free modem and installation. Saving installation and equipment costs can be a great deal for you, especially when calculating an Internet plan’s worth. Although it is a limited-time, online-only offer, it is worth $329. The offer availability, however, is subject to the area of residence.

Parental controls

When it comes to convenience, the WiFi modem that comes from an ISP provides great security, speed, and network integration. Another super convenient thing is that it helps secure kids from accessing age-restricted sites and content.

Parents can monitor their children’s devices, manage what they access, create and manage groups for their devices, and also pause access at any time when needed. This helps save children from excessive screen time and exposed sites.

Contract-free plans

Another feature that adds value is that there are no term contracts or promotional prices. The billing process is super simple—month-to-month payment. And since there are no contracts, there is no penalty if someone decides to unsubscribe at any time for any reason.

This makes it a flexible service and does not make a customer feel bound. Customers can enjoy a hassle-free billing cycle without having to worry about deductions.

Unlimited data

Unlimited data is also a worthy feature that makes fiber Internet service very convenient. Realistically, if a provider offers you an exceptionally high speed but not enough data, the options and possibilities for using that data become pretty limited.

When it comes to fiber connectivity, the data allowance is unlimited which opens the door toward lots of possibilities. Video gaming, video calling, and working on large media files can become a breeze when there’s no limit on the data. Especially if there is a big family, unlimited data allowance is a blessing.

Flexible installation

While DIY installation is available for DSL plans only, fiber Internet users have the option for professional installation. For this method of installation, there is a one-time fee of $149. What you get is a smooth installation process—without any hassle or delays.

24/7 technical support

With any Internet service provider, technical support is a prerequisite. Not everyone wants to call customer support representatives at all times, which is why many ISPs provide 24/7 troubleshooting and technical assistance.

In this case, the provider offers a range of support tools for different products. There are troubleshooting tips available to resolve issues related to connectivity or outages. It helps manage service appointments or sort out account-related issues. The tools also teach customers to maximize the Internet experience for everyone on the network.

These were some of the features and offers that add value to Internet deals. However, if a customer wants to add more value or save money, they can bundle up their fiber Internet plan with a TV plan.

Extra value by bundling services

Multiple TV services can be bundled up with Internet plans to create more value. Some examples for that are:

DirecTV satellite

DirecTV is the number one satellite TV in the US. The service not only comes with a diverse and a big number of content options but also amazing picture quality. Besides, the signal quality is 99% reliable given that it is satellite TV.

With DirecTV, you can enjoy access to thousands of on-demand shows, series, movies, and many more titles. Besides, there are features such as advanced DVR and much more that make it a great deal for anyone.

DISH TV satellite

Another super convenient and top-tier satellite TV service in the US is DISH TV. You can choose from several channel lineups based on your requirement and the level of entertainment that you would like.

Besides, with DISH TV you get advanced TV equipment such as the Hopper Duo that makes your viewing experience flexible and convenient.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream is one of the most popular live streaming services in the US. It is widely available for you to enjoy live TV as well as on-demand content.

Besides being convenient and widely available, there are several other features and perks such as the Cloud DVR and FREE limited-time access to premium networks.

Fiber Internet availability

ISPs provide their services in about 16 states nationwide. Here’s a list of states where Internet services are available:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Iowa
  • Idaho
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

In conclusion

Fiber ISPs provide a great Internet connection, which makes it super worthy for anyone. The factors that add value to these Internet plans are affordability, flexibility, speed, and data capacity. Besides, many Internet plans can also be bundled with TV plans. Other things that add value are the added perks. So, if you have fiber plans available in your area, do not miss out on them.

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