Design Your Own Sustainable Bag With FREITAG’s F-Cut


We’ve covered many of FREITAG’s products that all gear towards sustainable bags and accessories. From laptop sleeves to compostable clothing, the brand has consistently championed the idea of upcycling to regulate the way people use textiles.

But it’s not just recycling for the sake of doing so. They make sure that their product, apart from being 100% compostable, would also fit the modern lifestyle of their customers. Recently, FREITAG has opened up the option for consumers to personalize their bags with F-Cut.

F-Cut - Freitag Bags
Image: Oliver Nanzig

Individuality and sustainability

F-Cut was developed 20 years ago by Severin Klaus alongside a team in FREITAG to complete his final-year project. Together with a digital agency team in Dept, they made the system “more contemporary and user-friendly”.

With F-Cut, clients can virtually customize an F712 DRAGNET and have the final product delivered to their doorstep. The company will use used truck tarps and safety belts as well as bicycle inner tubes for the product.

There are between 20 to 50 tarps available to choose from in F-Cut. You can choose a total of four tarps and what part of the tarp you want to use for each part of the bag.

To start designing in F-Cut, you’ll need to first pick a truck tarp design. Then, drag each stencil that represents the part of the bag onto the chosen truck tarp. You can do this individually to have a different tarp for each part of your bag. You can also pick out the style of the label for your bag.

Image: F-Cut

Some tarps may look like they have empty portions to them. That means someone has already ordered a piece of that tarp in F-Cut. If you’re lucky, you can drag all stencils in one tarp.

You can have a quick look at how it would turn out before checking out the bag. You’ll have to log into FREITAG to complete the process. You’ll need to sign in to FREITAG to complete the process. Only 30 minutes will be given to complete the process, and once you purchase it, there’s no backing out from the order.

These days, sustainability and individuality are just a few of the many things people care about, and that’s what F-Cut seems to bring to the table. For those interested, this personalized bag starts at CHF 290, excluding shipping costs.

Vimeo: FREITAG_F-Cut_SocialMecia_Clip_1080x1080px

Photo credit: The images used are owned by FREITAG and have been provided for press usage.

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