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Can You Upgrade Your Old Smartphone to Be Water Resistant? Yes! [Video]

Seems like more and more people enjoy smartphones that are water resistant or even waterproof. Samsung has introduced that a couple of years ago and maybe other makers were even in with this feature earlier. Now Apple has also made their latest iPhone more resistant to water. Would you jump with it into the pool or being cool with fully submerging it in water or other liquids?

Probably not but it is a great relief for smartphone accidents involving liquids that would have traditionally led to the destruction of the endpoint. But what do you do if you have no budget for a new smartphone or simply didn’t like the ones with that feature? The company Liquipel is working on protective technologies to upgrade your device to be water resistant, even though it was not designed to be by the manufacturer. Check out their video!

Photo credit: Abhishek Mishra

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