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Bayonetta Now Available for PC

Sega launched a rather interesting April Fool’s Day joke, earlier this year, in the shape of an 8-bit version of Bayonetta for the PC. What seemed to be a merry and otherwise low-profile event soon escalated into a theory about an upcoming third adventure for our favorite Umbra Witch. The guess was hard to miss; last year, Hideki Kamiya hinted a possible sequel for Bayonetta 2 during an interview with Polygon, and last week, after the 8-bit Bayonetta launch, Sega published a teaser site that featured a countdown that landed exactly on April 11th, whose connection with Bayonetta was clearly evident thanks to the dimly lit background that showed what was obviously one of her shoes.

Avoiding the sweet temptation of a victory cry, I decided to wait for the day to come in order to appease my curiosity. Although several sites were already theorizing about Bayonetta’s third game, something was telling me of the error of my conclusions and decided to wait ‘till the morning of the final day. Despite my gradual guilt of not believing, I was sure that something was odd even with Kamiya’s remarks and the 8-bit April Fool’s Day launch, and I clung to that belief just in case…

And boy, I was right

On April 11th, the teaser site revealed to be the very place in where you can download Bayonetta’s PC port. No sequel. No new anime. Not even a new game. Just the PC port version.

However, PC Gamer has pointed out that this is the definite way to play the game and, so far, the best port Bayonetta has had. Why such flattery? Well, for one, it solved all the problems it already had in its past.

9_weapons_shuraba bayonetta pc screenshots

According to PlatinumGames, they learned lots of valuable lessons during Bayonetta’s development into other consoles. After the Xbox 360 edition brought up some new issues, and by the time they were developing Bayonetta for the Wii U, they saw themselves in the need of fixing some parts of Bayonetta’s inner structure in order to make it fit into the new console. This proved to be a valuable experience in the end, and the lessons they learned from it were later implemented into the definite PC port of the game, and it quite shows.

First of all, the resolution. As you can expect, most of Bayonetta’s graphics have been revamped and upgraded to 4K Ultra HD for the PC version. Also, and unlike other PC ports, the frame-pacing, although inconsistent at some points, was overall smooth as silk. The experience itself feels enhanced thanks to the optimized mouse and keyboard support, which is something to thank for in a game that otherwise feels better with a controller.

Any goodies?

Surely to appease the disappointed fans, all those who buy the game before April 25th will get the Digital Deluxe version for free, which includes several nifty gifts, such as a digital soundtrack sampler, a digital book, wallpapers, avatars, etcetera. I am pretty sure it won’t be enough for them, but these features are treats to thank for as well, especially if you’re a die-hard fan.

Understandably, most people weren’t this happy with the teaser site’s final reveal. However, we must remember that PlatinumGames tried to redeem itself—for the failures of several other Bayonetta ports—through the PC. Although the changes aren’t that visible, they are changes after all, and in most of the cases for the best. PlatinumGames has never been shy about its interest in the PC’s potential, and yet it never had the chance to finally experiment with it until now. Third party publishers have always been on their way, but as they mentioned in a recent interview, which I quote, “most third party publishers nowadays realize the PC should not be ignored, so I believe we should be able to become more actively involved in the PC market from here on out.” And certainly, Bayonetta is a solid first step on that way.

Bayonetta is currently a PC Steam exclusive and costs around $19.99. Check it out!

YouTube: Bayonetta | PC Launch Trailer

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