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Arianna Huffington Joins Uber Board

In what seems to be like a very interesting event which has surfaced out of nowhere, it seems that Arianna Huffington, which is widely known for the fact that she created The Huffington Media Group from scratch is joining the Uber board of directors.

The news was announced by Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, on its own and it manages to showcase quite a lot of important information in one important package. It seems that Uber did want the unique vision that Arianna has and the fact that she managed to build up a great news empire from scratch does show the unique dedication that she has to the entire business world.

According to Arianna Huffington, she joined the Uber board of directors for a single reason, and that is to add value to the life of other people. This way she can do more than just inform people, she can actually deliver the amazing value that people have always wanted and this is a truly important thing.

My opinion is that Arianna Huffington is actually a great fit for Uber and sure, there might have been some mishaps here and there but the company has managed to grow significantly. And, with a visionary mind just like Arianna Huffington the results will surely pay off as Uber tries to conquer new grounds and offer a better experience for all types of consumers.

There’s no denying that Arianna Huffington entering the board comes with other marketing strategies that Uber has in place, I am sure of that, but even so I am impressed with the overall commitment and focus that they have. Since Arianna Huffington is one of the major entrepreneurs in this world, you can definitely think about the influence and positive input that she can bring to the table. How much will make a difference is really hard to know honestly but adding in a great entrepreneur on the board of a growing company like Uber can definitely have major implications towards growth.

I was very impressed by this news to be honest and I do feel that Uber managed to strike gold with this announcement. They really needed to work with someone as talented and professional as Arianna Huffington and honestly I hope they can recruit even more people like this on their board.

The reason behind that is that Uber does face quite a lot of competition at this particular time especially in countries like China so if they do want to evolve, they need to do all they can in order to get the best results. I personally think that recruiting Arianna Huffington is one of the many recruitments that Uber has in store for us but the results will definitely be seen in time!

YouTube: Welcoming Arianna Huffington to our Board of Directors (by Uber)

Photo credit: Uber
Source: Travis Kalanick (Uber) / Jing Cao (Bloomberg)

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