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Apple Counts on Video and Social Media to Battle Declining Hardware Sales

Apple-Logo-PNG-Official-Version-high-quality-large-press-kit-transparency-alpha-channel25-August, Cupertino – In order to act on declining hardware sales Apple pushes development resources into the video and social media space. With such developments possibly going for release in the future, Apple is trying to attack the leaders of that market segment, like Facebook and Snapchat for instance.

Without areas to generate profit, Apple will have a problem to keep supplying innovative hardware solutions, such as new revisions of the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Seeing the obvious trends on social video, they are now trying to prepare their future software suite to be ready for a solution that could steal usage time from the competition.

How the final solution will look is not yet clear and there has been no official statement as of now in regards to that. It’s possible that they will extend the functionality of their messenger solution to be more attractive for the users. There has been a lack of innovation in that space as well. Apple has failed in the past to establish an iTunes based social network called Ping, so we are curious to see their next actions.

Photo credit: Rod Lowe
Source: Mark Gurman, Alex Webb (Bloomberg) / Aaron Tilley (Forbes)

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