Tech and Business Acronyms and Abbreviations


Every sub culture has an enhanced verbiage to more efficiently express thoughts and converse amongst the members of that particular sub culture. Both the business and technology world do have an own vocabulary on their own which is often hard to learn for newcomers especially if they are non-native speakers and possibly have not even heard of the full expression a single time in their life before.

In written communication and increasingly in spoken conversations abbreviations and acronyms get used like they are just normal words and everybody is expected to comprehend the same.

To make things a little easier I have made a quick brainstorming on the most frequently used acronyms and abbreviations in technology and business worlds. I don’t claim for this to be complete and encourage you to drop anything I might have missed in the comment section below with a quick reference link.

Thanks and I hope this will be of value to some of you!
Do yourself a favor and use the search function (ctrl+f) of your browser when you look for something specific. ¬†ūüôā

3GThird Generation (telecommunication)
4GFourth Generation (telecommunication)
ACAudio Conferencing
ACD Automatic Call Distribution 
AESAdvanced Encryption Standard
AGMAnnual General Meeting
AMAccess Management
AM Availability Management
AMIS Availability Management Information System 
APACAsia PACific (region)
APIApplication Programming Interface
ARAugmented Reality
ASAPAs Soon As Possible (deadline)
ASP Application Service Provider 
AVPAssistant Vice President
B2BBusiness To Business
B2CBusiness To Consumers
BAUBusiness As Usual
BCMBusiness Capacity Management 
BCM Business Continuity Management 
BCP Business Continuity Plan 
BDBusiness Development
BIBusiness Intelligence
BIA Business Impact Analysis 
BISLBusiness Information Services Library
BPMBusiness Process Management
BPMBeats Per Minute
BPOBusiness Process Outsourcing
BRM Business Relationship Manager 
BSI British Standards Institution 
BSM Business Service Management 
BYODBring Your Own Device
CAB Change Advisory Board 
CAB/EC Change Advisory Board / Emergency Committee 
CADComputer Aided Design / Drawing
CAGRCompound Annual Growth Rate
CAPEX Capital Expenditure 
CCM Component Capacity Management 
CDNContent Delivery Network
CEOChief Executive Officer
CFCTCash Flow Cycle Time
CFDContract For Difference
CFIA Component Failure Impact Analysis 
CFOChief Finance Officer
CI Configuration Item 
CIOChief Information Officer
CMChange Management
CMConfiguration Management
CMDB Configuration Management Database 
CMIS Capacity Management Information System 
CMM Capability Maturity Model 
CMMI Capability Maturity Model Integration 
CMS Content Management System
CMS Configuration Management System 
COBClose Of Business (deadline for ‘before you call it a day’)
COBITControl OBjectives for Information Technology
COOChief Operating Officer
COTS Commercial off the Shelf 
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CPUCost Per Unit
CRESCorporate Real Estate Solutions
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
CSF Critical Success Factor 
CSI Continual Service Improvement 
CSIP Continual Service Improvement Programme 
CSP Core Service Package 
CTI Computer Telephony Integration 
CTOChief Technology Officer
CUCMCisco Unified Communications Manager
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DIKW Data-to-Information-to-Knowledge-to-Wisdom 
DIYDo It Yourself
DNSDomain Name System
DRDisaster Recovery
DTDesign Thinking
DVDDigital Versatile Disc
EMEAEurope, Middle East and Africa (region)
EOMEnd Of Month (deadline)
EOWEnd Of Week (deadline)
EOYEnd Of Year (deadline)
eSCM-CL eSourcing Capability Model for Client Organizations 
eSCM-SP eSourcing Capability Model for Service Providers 
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
FMEA Failure Modes and Effects Analysis 
FOCFree Of Cost
FTA Fault Tree Analysis 
FYEOFor Your Eyes / Ears Only
FYIFor Your Information
GPSGlobal Positioning System
HIDHuman Interface Device
HRHuman Resources
HRDHuman Resources Development
HSDPAHigh Speed Downlink Packet Access
HTTP(S)HyperText Transfer Protocol (Secure)
ICTInformation and Communications Technology
IEEEInstitute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IOTInternet Of Things
IPInternet Protocol
IPOInitial Public Offering
IPSIntrusion Prevention System
IRInfra Red
IRInterest Rate
IRR Internal Rate of Return 
ISG IT Steering Group 
ISM Information Security Management 
ISMS Information Security Management System 
ISO International Organization for Standardization 
ISP Internet Service Provider 
IT Information Technology 
ITILInformation Technology Infrastructure Library
ITSCM IT Service Continuity Management 
ITSM IT Service Management 
itSMF IT Service Management Forum 
ITU-TInternational Telecommunications Union
IVR Interactive Voice Response 
JISJust In Sequence
JITJust In Time
KBKnowledge Base
KBAKnowledge Base Article
KCSKnowledge Centered Support
KEDB Known Error Database 
KMKnowledge Management
KOPKey Operating Procedures
KPI Key Performance Indicator 
KYCKnow Your Customer
LANLocal Area Network
LATAMLatin America (region)
LOS Line of Service 
MACMedia Access Control
MBAMaster of Business Administration
MDManaging Director
MIManagement Information
MOMMinistry Of Manpower
MoR Management of Risk 
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures 
MTBSI Mean Time Between Service Incidents 
MTDMonth To Date (time range)
MTRS Mean Time to Restore Service 
MTTR Mean Time to Repair 
NACNetwork Access Control
NAVNet Asset Value
NDANon-Disclosure Agreement
NFCNear Field Communication
NICNetwork Interface Card
NOANet Operating Assets
NPVNet Present Value
NPV Net Present Value 
NTENot To Exceed
OBASHIOwnership, Business Process, Application, System, Hardware, Infrastructure
OCFOperating Cash Flow
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OGC Office of Government Commerce 
OIBDAOperating Income Before Depreciation and Amortization
OLA Operational Level Agreement 
OPEX Operational Expenditure 
OPSI Office of Public Sector Information 
OSOperating System
OTCOver The Counter
P&LProfit and Loss
PAPersonal Assistant
PBA Pattern of Business Activity 
PCPersonal Computer
PFS Prerequisite for Success 
PHPPHP Hypertext Preprocessor
PIR Post Implementation Review 
PMProject Management
PMIProject Management Institute
PMOProject Management Office
PMPProject Management Professional
POPurchase Order
POSPoint Of Sale
PRINCEPRojects IN Controlled Environments
PSA Projected Service Availability 
PUPPotentially Unwanted Program
QA Quality Assurance 
QCQuality Control
QMS Quality Management System
QTDQuarter To Date (time range)
R&DResearch and Development
RAMRandom Access Memory
RCRemote Control
RCA Root Cause Analysis 
RFC Request for Change 
RFPRequest For Proposal
RMRelease Management
RMAReturn Merchandise Authorization
ROAReturn On Assets
ROCEReturn On Capital Employed
ROEReturn On Equity
ROI Return on Investment 
ROICReturn On Invested Capital
RONAReturn On Net Assets
ROSReturn On Sales
RPGRole Playing Game
RPO Recovery Point Objective 
RRResource Rent
RTO Recovery Time Objective 
SaaSSoftware As A Service
SAC Service Acceptance Criteria 
SACM Service Asset and Configuration Management 
SAMService Availability Management
SCD Supplier and Contract Database 
SCMSupply Chain Management
SCM Service Capacity Management 
SDService Design
SEOSearch Engine Optimization
SERPSearch Engine Results Page
SFA Service Failure Analysis 
SGStage Gate
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
SIP Service Improvement Plan 
SKMS Service Knowledge Management System 
SLA Service Level Agreement 
SLM Service Level Management 
SLP Service Level Package 
SLR Service Level Recommendation
SLR Service Level Requirement 
SMSocial Media
SMESubject Matter Expert
SMESmall and Medium Enterprises
SMMSocial Media Management
SMO Service Maintenance Objective 
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SOService Operation
SoC Separation of Concerns 
SOHOSmall Office / Home Office
SOP Standard Operating Procedures 
SOR Statement of requirements 
SPI Service Provider Interface 
SPM Service Portfolio Management 
SPO Service Provisioning Optimization 
SPOF Single Point of Failure 
SSService Strategy
SSSix Sigma
SSHSecure SHell
SSIDService Set IDentifier (Wi-Fi)
SSLSecure Sockets Layer
SSOSingle Sign On
STService Transition
TBDTo Be Defined / Discussed
TCOTotal Cost of Ownership
TCO Total Cost of Ownership 
TCU Total Cost of Utilization 
TCVTotal Contract Value
TMTime Management
TMTalent Management
TO Technical Observation 
TOR Terms of Reference 
TQM Total Quality Management 
UC Unified Communications
UC Underpinning Contract 
UP User Profile 
USAUnited States of America
USBUniversal Serial Bus
UXUser eXperience
VADValue-Added Distributor
VARValue-Added Reseller
VATValue-Added Tax
VBF Vital Business Function 
VCVenture Capital
VCVideo Conferencing
VHSVideo Home System
VLANVirtual Local Area Network
VMVirtual Machine
VOI Value on Investment 
VoIPVoice over IP
VPVice President
VPNVirtual Private Network
VRVirtual Reality
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
WANWide-Area Network
WCWorking Capital
WFHWorking From Home
WiFiSynonym for wireless networking
WILTWhat I Learned Today
YOYYear Over Year (time range)
YTDYear To Date (time range)


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