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6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Instagram Game

Sometimes it feels like the 2.0 world doesn’t appreciate our efforts. On Instagram, for instance, no matter how great the content is that we are producing or the how frequently we are posting, sometimes, neither the number of followers nor the likes numbers are going up. But don’t panic, what the Internet takes away, the Internet gives you back in the form of this article, which might be able to help you improve your Instagram game:

1. Use hashtags wisely

Don’t always go for the trendiest of trends. The most popular hashtags are seen by many, but there is so much movement there, your content may get lost in the crowd. So use hashtags popular enough that people look for them, but not that popular that you go overlooked.


2. “Like” your people

As the blogger CEO and co-founder of Crazy Egg, Neil Patel, taught us, for every 100 likes you do of random pictures, you may receive an average of 6.1 more followers. If you like content that is relevant to your niche, the results might be even better.

3. Interact with your audience

Just talk to them. Double tapping people’s post is great, but leaving comments is even better. If you take the time to visit somebody else’s profile and comment, that person is more likely to come back to yours, do the same and perhaps they even follow you. There are 401% more likely to follow you in this case. Just make sure that you don’t automate this and make sure your comment is not generic and looks like it was automated.

4. Quality over quantity

Don’t post just for the sake of posting. Take the time to edit your content and make sure you are sending the image you want to the people you want. Nobody wants tons of bad, boring pictures, or too many pictures in one day. Calm down. Keep them interested. If you want to share multiple snapshots of the same theme, you can now also post up to ten photos in a single Instagram post.


5. Filters matter

Although “Clarendon” and “Valencia” are the most popular filters on Instagram, they are not the greatest when it comes to engagement. According to Track Maven’s Fortune 500 Instagram Report, “Mayfair”, “No filter” and “Inkwell” are the filters with higher rates of engagement. If you want to push consistency and branding, you should pick one filter and style and stick with it.

6. Sleep with your enemy’s… followers

Well, talk to them and like their posts. There is a 14% chance that your competition’s follower follows you back, 22% if you also like a post and 34% if you leave a comment or two.


Lastly, don’t forget it’s not all about the numbers. Social media success is hard to calculate but no matter what metrics you apply, it’s not all black and white. A person who follows you might not “like” everything they see. A person that bought your product might not be following you at all. Yet, they might have been triggered by your post in a way. Keep up with what you are doing. Be fresh and keep it up!

If you don’t know who to follow on Instagram for technology related posts, check our article “10 Cool Instagram Accounts to Follow for Tech Snapshots.”

In that motion, have fun snapping!

Photo credit: Instagram / Saffar Abdalah
Source: Neil Patel (Quick Sprout) / Track MavenRichard Lazazzera (Shopify) / Jayson DeMers (Forbes)

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