6 Reasons Why Mobile Casino Traffic Is on the Rise


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In 2020, online casinos experienced a boom in development and popularity. A major impetus for the development of the industry was the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused many conventional casinos to suspend or restrict their operations.

Investors actively started investing in anything that was at least indirectly related to online gambling. There are many companies in online gambling, but only a few of them have made significant profits. Given this year’s online gambling boom, Wall Street analysts believe that online gambling will be an important part of the industry in the long run, even if this forecast is not true today. The growth rate can tell us a lot about whether these stocks will maintain their position or disappoint investors.

There is a steady increase in interest in new online casinos among users. Let’s look at the reasons for the growing popularity of mobile casinos. And therefore, the growth of mobile casino traffic.

The online casino’s audience is estimated at millions of players. Most of them play from phones and tablets. And this is logical because mobile casinos have a huge number of advantages. In this article, we present 6 of the most common and relevant reasons why users prefer mobile casinos:


Players do not need to go anywhere; they can play from any place with a cell phone and the Internet. If gamblers play at home, they can arrange an atmosphere to their liking. There is no binding to the place; after downloading the mobile casino, you can play wherever you are (for example, in a cafe, subway, on a walk, or in a mall).

Reliability and security

In terms of security, the well-known mobile versions of the casino are not inferior to the desktop ones. Reliable connections are used when transmitting the information. Player data is stored in encrypted form. All of this ensures the confidentiality of customers, saving money on accounts, and complete security during the game. For instance, trustworthiness is one of the significant principles of the top online casino Slovenia 2022. It offers players not only good service, generous and profitable bonuses but also complete security of payments and data due to licenses from the most reputable jurisdictions in gambling. That can help visitors make the best out of their gaming experience.


This one is thought to be one of the most important advantages of mobile gambling – the online casino has no face control, drunken players, drastic judgments, or peers. There is always a “free table” or a “slot machine” with your favorite games. A relaxed home environment allows a gambler to feel comfortable and calm because there are no other players making noise and interfering with concentration. Online casinos are available 24 hours a day, and you can play here from anywhere in the world; the main thing is to have access to the Internet.

Сasino payouts

The rules of online games are usually more advantageous for players because the costs of maintaining online casinos are much lower, so they are more generous to players. Payouts are usually higher than at Las Vegas or other real casinos. The average claimed payout winnings in the virtual casino are in the range of 90-99.9% of the number of bets, depending on the game.

This also applies to jackpots. In virtual casinos, they can reach many millions of US dollars. Because many online casinos use the software of one company, in this case, cumulative jackpots are combined into one network, which allows you to accumulate very large amounts. The record online jackpot was almost $ 8 million.


One more exciting pro of mobile casinos is an opportunity to hide your passion from others. Playing at work or at home on your computer, you risk that someone will learn about your passion for gambling. But, it is enough to download a mobile casino on your phone or tablet so that no one has any idea about it. Is it not a nice bonus that helps increase mobile casino traffic?

Range of games

Users are becoming more aware, thoughtful, and strategic. Online casinos usually offer a much wider range of games than real ones. Additionally, the entertainment includes the best versions of board and card games. You can try your luck at roulette, poker, blackjack, or baccarat.

Classic games are still the most popular among players, but casinos are looking for ways to add new features and ways to play such games. After the Nevada Gaming Board introduced new skills-based rules, the casino allowed games to go beyond card games and standard slots. Also, one of the prospects for the development of mobile casinos is the so-called “live game,” where the player communicates with a real dealer through a webcam instead of a computer-generated image. This allows you to maximize the effects of player presence.

Let’s talk money

You can play casinos on mobile devices for free and for real money. In the first case, bets are placed on conditional chips. Here you do not risk anything and get the opportunity to:

  • get acquainted with the entertainment;
  • fully understand the rules and features of the game;
  • gain experience without losing your own money;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of selected strategies and choose the most profitable ones;
  • gamble even when there are no free funds.

If you play for real money, you bet on your own money, getting the maximum drive and the opportunity to withdraw all winnings to a personal account. To start a real game in a mobile casino, you must first make a deposit. Many payment systems are available to replenish the account, including Visa, Mastercard, YooMoney, WebMoney, etc. The minimum deposit amount depends on the conditions of a particular casino.

Summing it up

Mobile gambling is an excellent opportunity to play anytime and anywhere. In mobile casinos, users have access to almost the same opportunities as in standard gaming clubs: you can conduct financial transactions, manage a personal account, contact support, track progress on winning incentives, and much more. The financial reliability offered by modern mobile casinos allows you to enjoy your favorite games with no fear at all.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Serg Kovbasyuk.

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