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5 of the Best Business Gadgets to Invest in Right Now

We all love gadgets. Not only are they endlessly entertaining, they also open up countless possibilities in the world around us, particularly in the office. Below is a guide to five of the best business gadgets available to you and your company.

Getting to Grips

Picture your office desk. You’ve got your desktop computer, your tablet, your smartphone, all going off at once. Well, with the new Logitech Bluetooth multi device keyboard you no longer have to fiddle around switching between your various gadgets. Simply by flicking a switch on the side of the keyboard, you’re automatically connected to whichever device is in most desperate need of your attention. And it doesn’t matter if you have different ‘makes’, either – the keyboard is suited to Windows, iOS and Android systems, and the integrated cradle allows your phone or tablet to sit comfortably at whatever angle your office chair necessitates (or however slouched you are towards the end of the day!).

If you fancy a more ‘sci-fi’-esque means of controlling your devices in the office, the Myo gesture control armband, available soon, allows you to interact with your gadgets with a simple flick of the wrist. The wristband can be programmed by users to recognise swipes and even individual finger movements for specific functions. Soon, the office of tomorrow will see you controlling business presentations as though you’re Tom Cruise in Minority Report, and help your office take one giant leap into the future.

The Business End

Before you’re able to switch between presentation slides, you need the gadget to present to the conference room. Portable projectors are getting smaller and smaller, and although not the smallest on the market, the Pico Genie M400 HD LED projector packs some punch. At 18x11x2.8cm in size, the Pico Genie fits snug in your pocket, meaning the days of lugging the overhead projector out of the storage cupboard are well and truly over. With a powerful battery, presentations on-the-go have never been easier, and, should you need to, you can even project in 3D.

echo_photo2Another space saving device is the Livescribe Echo Smartpen, whose ability to record audio whilst you’re scribbling down notes, renders the hefty Dictaphone redundant. The Smartpen records up to 800 hours of audio, all of which can be transferred between other devices, along with interactive notes which offer the possibility of replaying your meeting by simply tapping on your notes. If you have regulatory requirements to capture audio and content of meetings, this is definitely interesting for you.

And if you want to keep these notes, presentations or any other files extra safe, try the USB 3.0 LaCie RuggedKey. With its heat-, cold-, drop- and water-resistant casing, the RuggedKey may look like a USB pen wearing a life-safety jacket, but it offers almost unrivalled protection. Its 100 metre drop-resistance means if, God forbid, you drop the RuggedKey out of the top floor of your building, it should survive without a scratch. And, once recovered, you’ll be able to transfer the files back across at superfast speeds.

Right Here, Right Now

All of the above gadgets, except the Myo (which will be on sale imminently), are available now, and allow your office the chance to stay ahead of the ever-changing business environment, whilst saving precious time in your schedule simultaneously. Soon, you’ll wonder how your business ever coped without them!

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Damian Coates is the Commercial Accounts Director for one of London’s leading IT support companies – Utilize. Damian thinks that there are many innovative gadgets that are perfect for making business a little more convenient.

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