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4 Amazing Wearables That Are Actually Fashionable

If you are someone who wants to be fashionable, trendy, and techy all at the same time, then you might want to check out what we call “smart jewelry”. This smart jewelry is often described as “wearable technology” because of the myriad innovations that it can offer plus the fashionable look you can get when you are wearing them. It is the perfect combination of “beauty and brains”.

Below is the list of great smart jewelry choices that you might want to check out.

1. Ringly

dive-bar-front-ringly-smart-ringWe start off with Ringly which has a big gemstone on it. This one could a lot of attention. Some people might want to stare at it for a minute or two. To give you an idea of how big it is, according to Ringly’s website the size of the ring is almost as the same size of an almond but with an acceptable weight for a ring. Don’t worry, it is also pretty robust.

What does this wearable do though? Ringly keeps you updated and notified about information coming from your phones or other devices, via Bluetooth. Moreover, it can sync applications with both Android and iOS devices. However, the connectivity’s capacity is limited up to 20-30 feet away from your gadget. But who’s really further away from their smartphone anyway? It also has a sleep option to stay off when you’re trying to sleep.

2. Aries

photo-booth-front-ringly-smart-bracelet-ariesFrom a ring, we move to another accessory which is a bracelet. Aries is included in Ringly’s first bracelet collection and given their connection, Aries also has the features like Ringly has. You’re getting alerts and notifications from Android or iOS devices. But what sets it apart from Ringly is that it has fitness trackers. This fitness feature gives information regarding estimated calories burned and distance ran.

It might be that the naming “Aries” will disappear over time. If you can’t find it in the Ringly shop, try to look for “smart bracelets” instead.

3. Senstone

Senstone-Smart-Bracelet-Clip-PendantSenstone is your next lifesaver if you are someone who keeps on forgetting the things you need to do for the day. Besides the fact that you can record your voice through this, it even transcribes it and turns it into organized notes, then sends a notification to your phone as it does its job. Oh, did I mention that it can be used either as a necklace, clip or a wristband accessory in just a few twists? Modularity is quite useful when you’re assembling and outfit.

4. Bellabeat LEAF

dark_silver_front-leaf-bellabeat-smart-wearable-fashion-jewelryOn the other hand, Bellabeat LEAF is inclined more with a person’s health and well-being. Its features include tracking of vital signs, fertility, menstrual cycle, meditation, and healing. You can check out their website to see more designs that you could choose from but to give you an overview, their designs include necklaces, pins, and bracelets that are inspired by both beauty and nature. Sorry boys, this one might be of limited use to you.

Of all the smart jewelry mentioned, one thing is for sure, one can now look all glamorous, posh and sophisticated with technology. Now, who says technology are all robots and gadgets while smart trackers are all rubber and silicon? They can now rock precious stones and jewelry appearances as well. Which os these fashionable wearables do you prefer?

Photo credit: Senstone

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