2016 Technology Trends in Business


The way people use technology for their daily activities has changed enormously through the previous years. Now we have the possibility to pays bills, collect payments, or book plane tickets, from our very own smartphones. The opportunity to work from anywhere, on any device at any time is now a reality for the large number of people, and an aspiration for others. The new technology trends will bring us more interesting and innovative opportunities and make the job easier and more flexible.

Virtual Workforce

The rise of productivity applications indicates that office-based workers will work from home by 2022. A fully distributed team can be gathered and make to function perfectly even though it is home based. The employees can send in their daily tasks through these applications and efficiency is almost as good as when working in an office. This technology can help business owners employ people from various countries without making them leave their place of residence.

The Use of Video Marketing

Businesses have been using video for numerous company activities such as marketing and training. What is more, companies all over the world are starting to integrate it with the communication systems. Video Content Management Systems (VCMS) will provide us with the possibility to search for specific video, analyze usage analysis, and optimize streaming.

Apps’ Domination

Mobile dominance have been around for quite some time, and the more time goes by the more we have all become dependent on our smartphones. Leading companies in the telecommunication business have developed many applications that enable even a non-technical user to make an iOS, Android, Windows Phone or a Blackberry app. These platforms offer even more innovative opportunity to embed click-to-call voice and video communications. Therefore, anyone who wishes to integrate video chat into their app will now have that opportunity.


Furthermore, for those who would like to learn a new language with a help of a native speaker there would be a language learning app. Namely, if an English speaker would like to learn Spanish, the app will connect him or her with a Spanish native who is eager to learn English. This way the two will help each other, and possibly create a beautiful friendship as well.

Innovative Payment Methods

Not only has the way we communicate been revolutionized, but the payment methods we use as well. As previously mentioned, our smartphones have become irreplaceable part of our lives. Aside from entertaining us, giving us information, and helping us with business, they will also be our payment devices. Certain apps will give their users the opportunity to even pay a restaurant bill through their smartphone. Moreover, various apps will allow credit, debit, ID, and insurance card information to be turned into a barcode that can be scanned at checkout.

Security Improvement

The level of business security has always been one of the major concerns of business owners. Moreover, security companies have also been improving the level of security and this time they have brought us a great innovation. Access card allows a business owner to have a high-level of business security. Furthermore, it can be used for applications such as network log-on, biometric identification, event management, cashless vending, and time and attendance.

VR Coming on Strong

The long anticipated technology will have its major turning in 2016. Sony PlayStation, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift CV1 have long been highly anticipated products to be launched and the year is finally here. Furthermore, Microsoft and Google have also prepared new gadgets from their store, and the VR has definitely never been this present and engaged in our lives. The next generation of business computing is also going to be a step forward in many industries, once the companies decide to creatively incorporate VR into their business. Medical rehabilitations, defense and military planning, full multimedia product demos, three dimensional data visualizations, and virtually limitless possibilities in education are just some of the possibilities businesses will have while using VR in their companies.

Technology sure has progressed in the past couple of years. These are only some of the trends that are going to be introduced in 2016. One thing is for sure, they all intend to make our business and life as easier and flexible as possible.

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to technology and business. In her free time she enjoys exploring latest social media news and cheap marketing ideas.

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