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20 (Hopefully) Useful Wisdoms

Last year, some time after TechAcute was founded, I thought of a way to capture little bites of wisdom, based on my daily learnings. At that time I also wrote an article here about it and it was named “#WILT: What I’ve Learned Today“. I certainly don’t consider myself as wisdom bearer, however I can’t think of a more appropriate term.

These #WILT posts on Twitter were the result of some experiences made on that particular day. It might not be of value for everyone in the whole wide world but maybe there was someone out there who liked them and even if there was only one person out there who learned something by these tweets, it was already worth the effort in my opinion.

So after more than a year of posting, here are 20 of my personal favorites of my own #WILT tweets. In retrospective, the dominating subjects seem to be around social sciences such as communication and perhaps something that would qualify as leadership theory.

Do you agree on any or several of these? Have you seen other similar tweets that influenced you somehow or had an impact on how you see things? I would love to read them, so kindly add them below in the comments section. Many thanks for checking my tweets out and also for reading this post!

Funny Bonus

#WILT Tweets from My Friends

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