10 Cool Instagram Accounts to Follow for Tech Snapshots


I often hear people starting out on Instagram an having no idea what to do and whom to follow, to build a cool feed of awesome photos. With this post I wanted to share some of the coolest technology related accounts on Instagram.

They are sorted alphabetically and if you want to visit them, you just need to click on their name. As a little disclaimer, I also wanted to let you know that some of these accounts are not single photographers but belong to a team or post photos from people, who submitted photos to be shared.

So without further ado, check out these great accounts!

Amazing Setups

The name might give it away. This account posts mostly photos of very cool desktop setups. They are going back and forth between simple design and nicely installed hardware solutions.

Update: Unfortunately this channel has ceased their operation. Any good ideas for a new account? Please share below in the comment section.

Apples Fresh

This account posts mostly Apple-centric styleful snapshots. Beautiful technology, whether you’re a fan or not.


Bane Tech

The pictures from Bane Tech are really techy and behind-the-scenes. They are a tech blog and also have a presence on YouTube.



The folks at Clubmac post cool photos of smartphones, laptops and other equipment along with accessories. You might spot a cool gadget here and there.


José Ramos

José posts photos on technology he reviews. Phones, cameras, smartwatches, you name it, it’s there.


Made with Code

Made to inspire girls learn more about technology, but doesn’t stop boys from seeing interesting stuff either. No matter what – very interesting snapshots and videos are shown here.


Marques Brownlee

Marques reviews a lot of gear and naturally we love to see more and more from this kind of instagram photos.


PC Gaming

Not saying PCs are better than consoles at all but you might agree that the setups in this account are simply awesome.

View this post on Instagram

By StevenNLD

A post shared by PC Gaming (@pcgaming) on


Not much to introduce here. TechCrunch folks always have a good snapshot on ongoing tech events or reviewed gear.


The Mogul

Not exactly sure if all of the photos in this account are actually real. But it’s definitely tech eye candy!


Bonus 1: Star Wars

Yes, of course I couldn’t stop at ten accounts. I hope you don’t mind the bonus. Enjoy!


Bonus 2: Funko Pop!

These little figurines are really from all over the united geekdom and nerd-realm. You name it, they have it!


Bonus 3: TechAcute

This is our own Instagram feed. We have only recently started it, so we are open for feedback. Like what you see there? Would be great if you’d follow us there.


Spam: Christopher Isak

And to add a little spam to this listing – I also have a personal account that does not only hold technology snapshots but also a little bit of other urban and rural photography. Hope you don’t mind! 😉

Thanks for checking out all of our picks and reading to the bottom of the article. Did you like the selection? How about yourself? Are you on Instagram? Posting technology related snapshots? Drop us some links in the comments below. Many thanks and have fun on Instagram!

Photo credit: Michael Kowalczyk / All original photographers and Instagrammers

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