Apple TV 4K Was the Budget Star of the Company’s Event

Cupertino, US, September 12 — Eddy Cue, SVP from Apple, reveals the new Apple TV 4K to the public during

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The Science behind Game of Thrones

Fictional universes are the best. They do as they please and follow only the rules they want. They are so

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Samsung’s “The Frame” Display Wants to Blend in with Your Art Collection

New York City, US, May 5 — After the first appearance in Paris, Samsung is now demonstrating their new display

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Silicon Valley: The Show about a Tech Startup You’ll Love

Silicon Valley is an HBO series about a software developer, who first works for a large tech company, but then

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Artificial assistance systems are on the rise. Whether you call them Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or something else, these solutions are

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Is Cyber Security Overrated?

Recently Eileen Burbidge was featured on “The Pulse”, on Bloomberg TV, to share some ideas and pointers in regards to the hit and

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Our Highlights from the CES 2015

CES 2015 has just finished a few days ago, but, unlike the other years, this was one in which we

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