Classy but High-Tech Entertainment and Ripping with the Victrola 8-In-1 Wooden Music Center

A wooden, nostalgic, music player from back in the days. Could a gadget me any more quaint? I hardly believe

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BBOXX Builds Affordable Solar Energy Tech for Developing Countries

The sun has always been there for as long as we can think. We’ve written poetry, music and even dreamed

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Could YouTube Beat Spotify, Netflix, Amazon and the Rest?

Since Google acquired YouTube in 2005, they wanted it to be the synonym for online video. As of today, the

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Microsoft Demonstrates Interesting Workplace Safety Concepts

Seattle, US, May 10 — Microsoft hosted their Build 2017 event from May 10 – 12 in Seattle. All their

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Artificial assistance systems are on the rise. Whether you call them Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or something else, these solutions are

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