ESTI Eye: Adding the Power of Android to Your iPhone

Ever found yourself contemplating whether to purchase an Apple iPhone or an Android? Which has the better interface, iOS or

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Delivery Bots May Invade Your Neighborhood

The latest bot from Starship Technologies doesn’t want to destroy humanity. It’s much more likely to show up at your

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Artificial assistance systems are on the rise. Whether you call them Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or something else, these solutions are

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Fingertip-Calling Device ‘Sgnl’ Reaches 1,000% of Expected Funding

7-September, Seoul – The South Korean digital innovation startup Innomdle Lab has already hit the 1,000% mark on their recently launched Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

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Plug and Play: How the World’s Biggest Startup Accelerator Works

On the second of July we visited Plug and Play, one of the most active investment organizations in the world

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What Does a Venture Capitalist Do?

I thought there is generally somewhat of an misunderstanding on what a venture capitalist (or VC in short) actually does.

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Use the Phree Pen to Make the World Your Paper

We are always interested in product and solution innovation in the sphere of input devices. Technically it is not that

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